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University Research Professor proposals are to be submitted through the chair to the dean's office and entire packets emailed to VPR Grants. Indicate the program name on the subject line.

For questions contact:
Office of the Vice President for Research
311 Main Building, 0032
257-5294, fax: 323-2800

University Research Professors

The University Research Professorships, established by the UK Board of Trustees in 1976 to recognize outstanding research achievement, carry an award of $40,000 to enable professors to devote full time to their research or continue to teach and use the award to support research activities. Funds for these annual awards are provided by the Office of the Vice President for Research.

The 2015-2016 University Research Professors are:

Lance DeLong, Physics and Astronomy
Rebecca Dutch, Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry
Suzanne Segerstrom, Psychology
Dong-Sheng Yang, Chemistry

View University Research Professors for past recipients.

Nominations are made by UK faculty members and screened by a faculty committee appointed by the Vice President for Research. The President, in turn, makes the final selections and submits the names to the Board of Trustees for approval.

Details will be forthcoming. We are considering changes to the program.

University Research Professorships have been established by the University to enhance and encourage scholarly research productivity, provide an opportunity for concentrated research effort for selected faculty members, recognize outstanding research achievement by members of its faculty, emphasize its research function, and publicize its research accomplishments so that the research function of the University is recognized appropriately and understood.

Nature of Award
The Office of the Vice President for Research will provide $40,000 for each award. The Research Professor may devote full time to research, thereby reimbursing the department for teaching responsibilities; continue to teach and use the award for support of research activities; or a combination of these options.


  • No department can have more than one faculty member receive this award each year.
  • The nominee must be a full-time faculty member with at least one year of campus residence.
  • The nominee's regular assignment must include formal instructional duties.
  • The nominee must currently be engaged in a productive and nationally recognized program of scholarly work.
  • After having received the award, the faculty member cannot be considered again for five years after the year of award.
  • Any budget revision after acceptance of the award requires approval of the Office of the Vice President for Research.

Nominating Procedures

  • Any faculty member may nominate a candidate.
  • A dossier must accompany the nomination and should include:
  • A summary, no more than three pages in length and written in non-technical language, of research planned for the year of the award.
  • A budget for use of the $40,000 award. Types of support that may be requested include but are not limited to: graduate or postdoctoral stipends; purchase of equipment, research-related supplies, or library materials; international and domestic travel.
  • Curriculum vitae including brief resume of awards and significant scholarly achievements.
  • A statement by nominator that describes the significance of the nominee's research activity.
  • Endorsements by the chair/director of the unit, and by the dean of the college. These endorsements should be in support of the individual's qualifications and also provide concurrence with the detailed budget and use of the award.

Selection Process

  • A committee of faculty members will be appointed by the Vice President for Research to screen the nominees.
  • The committee shall present its recommendations for the professorships in rank order to the Vice President for Research who, in turn, shall submit the list to the President with his recommendation for the awardees.
  • The President will make the final selections and submit the names to the Board of Trustees for approval.

Selection Criteria

  • The appointee shall be a scholar or a creative artist with a distinguished record of achievement in his/her field. This will generally mean that the individual has established a national reputation for sustained contributions to scholarship or creative work in the discipline.
  • The appointee will have proposed a plan for research or creative activity to be conducted during the period of the award. This plan should make clear the ways in which the activity will make further significant contributions to his/her field.

Conditions of Appointment

  • The appointee must not be on leave status for the year of the award.
  • It is expected that the Research Professor will contribute to the research atmosphere on the University campus.
  • It is expected that part of the major research activity will be conducted at the University.
  • The awardee must agree to remain at the University for the year following the award.