Proposal Preparation & Submission

Proposal Preparation

For assistance with identifying funding, proposal review and editing, collaborator identification, facility and resource description, or other proposal development needs, contact the Proposal Development Office

The OSPA Proposal Preparation Checklist are general guidelines to assist you in proposal development, in terms of required forms and processes. Individual sponsors may have additional requirements.

Many grant proposals require a letter of support from an institutional signing official, typically provided by the Vice President for Research (VPR). For letters of institutional support towards grant applications that (1) require an official signature from the VPR, or (2) commit the Office of Research financially to an award, follow the Procedure for Obtaining Institutional Support Letters. This streamlined process ensures that leadership within Colleges and Centers are aware of the request, and that these relevant university offices have been involved in decisions of financial support towards the application.

Budget Preparation

Budget Review: Prior review of the budget and justification must be conducted by your College Grants Officer or other college pre-award resource. 

The information provided here should be used as a general guide in all instances. When an agency provides specific budgetary directions those directions should be followed or when UK Costing Guidelines for Sponsored Project provides more specific guidance than outlined here that guidance should be followed. For determining assignment of item as a direct cost or indirect cost pool item see the expenditure object codes in the UK Business Procedures Manual E-17-8 and the FRS Handbook.

Frequently Needed Information

Applicant Organization: 

  • University of Kentucky Research Foundation
  • Federal proposal Address:
    500 South limestone
    109 Kinkead Hall
    Lexington, KY 40526-0001
  • Non-federal proposals, USPS, or Courier:
    109 Kinkead Hall
    Lexington, KY 40506-0057
  • Email, Fax and Phone:
    Ph: 859-257-9420
    Fax: 859-323-1060

For packages, use the Federal Address in the Applicant Organization and Authorized Official sections. For NSF, use the Federal Address in the Place of Performance section.

For additional information, including Official Authorized to Sign, payment/remittance address, Sponsored Projects Account/Fiscal contact, and ACH remittance information, see the full Frequently Needed Information page



  • Electronic IAF (Internal Approval Form) must be completed and certified by all parties at lease 3 business days prior to the sponsor's deadline. See instructions for completing the eIAF under Tools and Resources.
  • Online Financial Disclosure statement must be up to date.
  • Sponsor Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Guidelines, if F&A costs are less than the UK full rate, are attached. 

Protocol Review: When applicable, regulatory approval has been sought and is indicated on the IAF: Human Subjects, Animal Subjects, Hazardous Materials, and/or Radiation Safety

Cayuse 424 Proposal Preparation & Submission System now allows for easier proposal preparation and submission. See the Cayuse 424 section under Electronic Resources for more information about the system. 

Other Proposal Submissions

Proposals that cannot be submitted through Cayuse 424 should be submitted to OSPA as directed by the Research Administrator and Sponsor requirements. 

Tools & Resources