A Message from OTC's Executive Director

Dear UK Innovators, Partners, and Supporters,

During this unprecedented and transformational time, I am writing on behalf of the University of Kentucky's (UK) Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) to let you know that we are here for you, ready and able to support your intellectual property, commercialization and startup needs with our full suite of services. Fortunately, our operations have been prepared for remote services for some time, as we have adopted and use market research, patent research, project and data management, and communication tools that are online and cloud-based, allowing us to be as flexible as we need to be during this time. 

I also write to remind you that, if you are a UK innovator, this time creates an opportunity to blow the dust off of that invention disclosure you started previously and complete and submit it to us. We will conduct our full IP evaluation and market assessment and meet with you virtually to receive your feedback and move forward with protecting your discovery. If you are a licensee or partner, this time provides an opportunity to connect on license milestones, other services we can provide (click on the Programs tab above), or new technologies that may be of interest. We’ve also been busy updating our online portal of technologies available for license

We are here ready to support your commercialization needs and hope that we can take advantage of this time to advance UK's innovations forward.

Ian McClure
Executive Director

FY 2019 Annual Report

FY 2019  OTC Annual Report (click to open in Issuu)

The FY 2019 Annual Report shows how the OTC has been "Leading Through Partnerships" during the fiscal year 2019.

We want to thank the University of Kentucky research and Lexington communities for continuing to demonstrate our innovation capacity: there is more than you think, and there will be more than there is.

Innovation and commercialization activity in this last fiscal year remained unprecedented for moving UK innovations to market and setting new record highs for inventions (104), patents filed (85), and new licenses executed (30). 

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By The Numbers

104 inventions

disclosed in FY 2019

$2.35 million

in gross royalty income in FY 2019

26 patents

issued to UK in FY 2019

$5.61 million

in income distributed to inventors since 2010

30 licenses & options

active as of June 30, 2019

$15.72 million

income distributed to colleges & departments since 2010

NIGMS Grant Update

Site Leads Group Photo

UK OTC, Partners Receive Phase II Funding for Southeast XLerator Network 

In October 2018, it was announced that the University of Kentucky (UK) , as the academic lead partner with XLerateHealth , a health technology accelerator based in Louisville, and regional partners had received a federal National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant that could potentially total $3.5 million over three years to create a hub to accelerate the commercialization of biomedical technologies. This hub, one of four NIGMS IDeA Hubs, will benefit university innovators and their commercialization resource partners in the Southeast Institutional Development Award (IDeA) region (AR, KY, LA, MS, PR, SC, and WV).

After Phase I planning, OTC is pleased to announce that funding for Phase II was awarded. The award provides $1.49 million to execute on the Phase I planning. In addition, the Southeast XLerator Network was awarded an Administrative Supplement of $250,000 to fund the advancement of promising health technologies with commercial potential across the region, which the Hub has called the “Ideas to Products (I2P)” program.