Job Opportunities at OTC

Senior Associate Director, Intellectual Property (IP) Development

This position leads the IP Development Team and is responsible for managing the invention disclosure, invention market assessment, patent protection strategy, and IP portfolio management components for UK OTC on behalf of the UK Research Foundation.

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New Ventures Manager

This position leads the downtown Lexington Co.Create extension office and will work with and support entrepreneurs, startup companies, partners, and related stakeholders.

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Open Positions

2018 Annual Report

2018 OTC Annual Report (click to open in Issuu)

The 2018 Annual Report shows how the OTC has been "Fostering Growth in Innovation" over the past year.

We want to thank the University of Kentucky research community for proving us right: there is an amazing amount of innovation going on at UK! 

This year was a period of growth for our office and UK commercialization capabilities. It was our first full year with a Commercialization & Licensing team, rolling out new marketing materials, licensing strategies and technology partnership initiatives. This growth led to 29 licenses and options executed in FY18, a 123% increase from last year and the most ever in a year for the University.

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By The Numbers

101 inventions

disclosed in FY 2018

$2.35 million

in gross royalty income in FY 2018

23 patents

issued to UK in FY 2018

$5 million

in income distributed to inventors since 2010

126 licenses & options

active as of June 30, 2018

$14.62 million

income distributed to colleges & departments since 2010

Featured UK Startups

UK Startup Companies

University of Kentucky Startups Awarded SBIR/STTR Match Funding

The University of Kentucky (UK) Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) is pleased to announce that six of the ten high-tech Kentucky companies receiving $2.18 million in SBIR/STTR match funding are University of Kentucky startups.

“SBIR/STTR funding provides a critical class of early-stage financing for scalable, technology-based startups that allows founders to mitigate technical risk. Kentucky’s SBIR Matching Funds program leverages federal SBIR funds to enable Kentucky startup founders to create business models through which their novel technologies solve marketplace problems. Collectively, these funds position Kentucky technology-based startups to attract private capital from investors and strategic partners that will accelerate the startup toward commercial success,” said Eric Hartman, associate director for OTC’s New Ventures and director of Co.Create.

The funding program is overseen by KY Innovation within the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development and matches all or part of federal SBIR/STTR awards received by Kentucky-based companies or companies that commit to relocation in the state.

The following UK startup companies have been chosen to receive the matching funds:

Bluegrass Advanced Materials LLC is developing an oral rinse compound with both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to delay or reduce the severity of Oral Mucositis ulcers after anti-cancer chemo and radiation therapies. The compound provides prolonged coverage to the treated area reducing the need to reapply and resulting in patient relief.

Enepret Incorporated extracts a yeast-derived hydrocarbon oil that stimulates the immune system increasing the effectiveness of vaccines. The work is targeted for flu vaccine efficacy.

Gismo Therapeutics created molecules that inhibit the binding and buildup of Alzheimer’s causing compounds. It is a novel therapeutic approach to treating Alzheimer’s Disease and other Neurodegenerative Diseases.

Lepidext LLC focuses exclusively on the development of a biological insect control agent, which targets corn earworm and cotton bollworm because of challenges developing resistance to both conventional and transgenic toxins. The product improves the way lepidopteran pests are controlled and reduces the dependency for genetically modified plants and chemical sprays with the long-term goal of eliminating the need for them.

PowerTech Water developed a salt-free water filtration system that can isolate one or target many contaminants at once. With no consumables and a system not inhibited by other constituents in the water, the technology has applications in both industrial and residential settings.

Signal Solutions LLC is simplifying and streamlining animal research using noninvasive sensors to monitor physiological outputs. The company develops sensor technology to monitor respiratory parameter in research animals for studies where respiratory deficiency is a primary or secondary characteristic of disease.

The SBIR program has historically been a very pivotal program for many startups with technology from the University of Kentucky, and the Commonwealth’s SBIR Match program compounds the effectiveness for its recipients and creates the type of trajectory our UK startups need.  We are thrilled to see the awards from this program cycle once again support numerous UK technologies with high potential for market impact.  UK OTC congratulates the many UK faculty inventors and entrepreneurs that have been awarded, and we also congratulate the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development for its great leadership in continuing this program,” said Ian McClure, director of the Office of Technology Commercialization.