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UKPitch is an OTC-sponsored commercialization support program for UK researchers who want to "pitch" their research, technology, intellectual property, or a startup company in a competition or at a conference demo day or similar event. The goal is to provide an opportunity to present an idea, technology or startup company in an environment that promotes the spirit of commercialization or entrepreneurship.

UK employees should review the Conflict Guidance for UK Employee Entrepreneurs (pdf, 9pgs).

Who Can Participate?

UKPitch is targeted toward UK faculty, researchers, staff, students, and clinicians, who apply to and meet the program requirements.


  • Submit a completed UKPitch application to the contact below
  • Submit, or have submitted, an invention disclosure to the OTC that is related to the subject of the presentation, for which rights are not released back to the inventor
  • The conference or event must foster an environment that promotes the spirit of commercialization or entrepreneurship
  • Allow an opportunity for the OTC to review and provide consultation related to the prospective “pitch”, including presentation style and materials/slides.


For qualified applicants, subject to the availability of funds, the OTC will provide support for some of the registration and/or travel related costs of attending the conference or pitch competition. The OTC will work with program participants to hone their pitch and choose the appropriate format and venue for it.

What are the Program Benefits and Expected Outcomes?

  • Learn to present yourself effectively (a key business tool).
  • A great opportunity to pitch an idea to a panel of judges for a chance to win recognition, a monetary award, grant funding, etc.
  • An opportunity to get the attention of an investor by introducing them to your research, technology, product, or company.
  • Receive real feedback from entrepreneurs and experienced judges.
  • An opportunity to build valuable connections with like-minded entrepreneurial peers.

How to Apply 

UKPitch Application form (pdf, 3pgs)

Submit the electronically completed form above to