Rodent Behavior Core


  • Conduct reliable and validated mouse behavior tests for investigators at University of Kentucky.

  • Ensure that qualified and trained investigators have access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and expertise necessary to perform behavior tests.

  • Provide assistance in the design, implementation and analysis of behavioral experiments in mice.

To use the behavior core, complete the RBC Service Request Form (pdf, 2pgs) and submit to the core. 

For more information, please see below or our About Us page.

Tests Offered

The RBC offers validated and reliable testing of mice over a broad range of physiological and behavioral domains, including general health, cognitive, emotional, sensory, and motor function. 
For a description of services offered, please see the Behavioral Tests Offered page.

Hours & Scheduling

Please submit the Service Request Form (pdf, 2pgs) to Bruce O'Hara or Deann Hopkins via email. They will contact you to discuss the requested services and scheduling. A calendar of currently scheduled times is available. 


The Fee Structure of the RBC is 3-tiered and is based on the tests and personnel time required.

RBC alone: most expensive; the RBC technicians perform the assays.

RBC + Lab: a discount on some assays if one of the lab personnel is trained by RBC staff and then works with the RBC technician to perform the assays.

Lab alone: a further discount if the trained lab personnel uses the RBC facility with no RBC staff involvement.