Rodent Behavior Core Fees

Rodent Behavior Core Service Rates for FY23-24
Rates are subject to change, prior to RFS Approval
Service Type UK Investigators Non-UK Investigators
Assisted (core staff)


Unassisted (your lab) $33.00/hour $50.49/hour
Ethovision XT Workstation $8.00/hour $12.24/hour
Water Maze, Assisted (four hour minimum) $276.00/hour $422.28/hour
Water Maze, Unassisted (four hour minimum) $132.00/hour $201.96/hour


NOTE: There is a minimum 4hr reservation for Water Maze testing.

NOTE: FY24 rates are subject to change, prior to RFS Approval

RBC fees do not include animal purchases, genotyping, breeding, or per diems while in the Core facilities.

If you or someone in your laboratory would like to be trained to perform your own behavioral tests we will be happy to schedule a training session. Training sessions begin at $69.00/hour.

An initial hour with the director for discussion of experimental design and price and basic data interpretation (provided to the investigator when the data are sent) is free. A consulting rate of $64.90/hour is charged for any further assistance if any is necessary.

*The University of Kentucky Rodent Behavior Core is happy to provide contract-research (CRO -like) services for external clients. The UK RBC follows full Good Research Practice (GRP) quality standards. Individualized study reports are provided at the conclusion of each study. Please contact for further questions.