Micro-certification Badges


Micro-certification Level 2 & 3 Badges

What is Micro-Certification?

Micro-certification uses experiential design theory and mentorship programming to support researchers’ perception of their role in contributing to science, commercialization and impact on the community.

Micro-Certification Program Objectives:

  • To understand the evolution of the university researcher and research impact on the economy and society.
  • To learn the design thinking process related to innovation and research impact by tackling unique challenges, from ideas to validation.
  • To apply design thinking methods to propose human-centered approaches to problem-solving for unmet societal or economic needs.

The two areas under the Micro-Certification Program are Impact and Implementation.

Who is Micro-Certification For?

Micro-Certification is for:

  • The experienced researcher/faculty who want to pursue a standalone micro-credential micro-certification recognized by the University of Kentucky community to build on their skillsets.
  • The future leader who doesn't want to fully commit to a full long-term program but will take advantage of stackable elements for future skills.
  • The current student (graduate/postdoc) who is pursuing their program and wants to pursue a micro-certification as a skill-based program.


Level One Impact Badges

100 - Explore the Growth Mindset (On Demand)

This workshop will introduce the Design Thinking methodology used by designers and many other professionals to solve complex programs and find desirable solutions for users.

110 - Building Impact Research (On Demand)

This workshop will define Impact Research and the knowledge exchange, types of impact and how impact happens.

120 - Impact Design Plan (On Demand)

This workshop will teach you how to set impact goals, create an impact plan, collaborate for impact and options for impact commercialization.

130 Engaging Stakeholders (On Demand)

This workshop will teach you how to systematically identify individuals, groups, and organizations outside of academia who benefit from your research and how to engage them.

140 Entrepreneurial Research Eco-System (On Demand)

This workshop defines the local, state, federal and international eco-system, external partners and available resources.

Implementation Workshops

Implementation Level One Badges

150 - The Idea to Enterprise Strategy (On Demand)

This workshop shows you how to establish a startup or new venture and what goes into making an effective commercialization team.

160 - Protecting Your Idea, Before and After Validation (On Demand)

This workshop provides an introduction to intellectual property instruments including commercialization vehicles like licenses and startups, and how to create a narrative and tell your story.

170 - Commercialization in Education, Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts (On Demand))

This workshop teaches how to develop partnerships across disciplines and with industry.

180 - Who's Writing the Checks? (On Demand)

This workshop is a comprehensive overview of funding your translational research product or service through entrepreneurial channels.

200 - Data in Today and Tomorrow's Companies (On Demand)

This workshop discusses digital technology, data and its multiple uses in all aspects of your lab and startup including the importance of improving data-informed decision-making.

For more information and to sign-up visit https://www.launchblue.org/micro-cert.