UK Innovate University Center (UKUC)

The UK Innovate University Center (UKUC) features programs to accelerate the commercialization of university technologies, train students for entrepreneurial experiences and disseminate digital literacy to advance these capabilities.

Key Programs:

  • UK Innovate Force: to train students in an inclusive and engaging manner, UKUC will launch and pilot its seminal program, UK Innovate Force, a scalable program for systematic de-risking of university technologies by a cadre of trained students executing entrepreneurial missions.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Literacy: to increase digital software literacy for students, including those at rural regional higher-education institutions, UKUC will launch and manage a CRM Literacy program statewide, to equip a remote workforce from Kentucky's rural communities that continue to recover from disruptions to the coal and tobacco industries. 
  • UK Innovate Digital Certifications Training: to reward achievements and opportunities for promotion with demonstrated experiential successes, UKUC will launch a digital reward and gamification system.


Christine Wildes, Ph.D., Associate Director, Innovation Training