TFISE Impact

The TFISE provides administrative, technical, and financial resources to assist our campus community in addressing sustainability research and outreach initiatives.  In addition to our current project you can read summaries of past projects TFISE has funded here (link).

Video Series What Can You Do?


A series on how we can take individual action to live more sustainably by Hannah Philips.

2014-Present Student Sustainability Internships

In partnership with the University of Kentucky Office of Sustainability, the program was started in 2013 as a vehicle to promote research, supplement instruction and help UK undergraduate students gain experience in studies relating to sustainability.

SCG Sustainability Challenge Grants

A competitive, internal grant program dedicated to elevating the awareness of sustainability on campus and facilitating novel interdisciplinary projects. This highly successful program has been a perennial feature in the sustainability community on campus, generating multiple publications, serving as pilot funding for extramural grants, and building capacity in research, instruction, and outreach efforts on campus.

Current Outreach and Service


The CATchment 

An emblematic example of TFISE’s role in facilitating the campus as a living laboratory while making meaningful environmental change. It was installed as a storm water filtration soft structure that provides storm water clean up in a sensitive area of south campus while exposing commuters to the basics of pollinator and wildlife habitat in constructed wetlands. In 2018 we are continuing development with the addition of signage to help inform users and passers-by and to promote visitor and data logs. TFISE supports semi-annual clean-ups to maintain the CATchment each April and October. 


Campus Community Gardens at Shawneetown

Originally installed in 2009 through the Gaines Scholar Program and  improved in 2014 as part of a Sustainability Challenge GrantCultivating Place for a Sustainable Community: revitalizing the Shawneetown Community Garden, the CCG are a destination for residents of the Graduate and Family Housing and the broader campus to grow nourishment and community through association and interaction. TFISE Associate Director, Dr. Krista Jacobsen has renewed support for regular maintenance of the CCG on an as needed basis as part of the TFISE service mission.