Salesforce at the University of Kentucky



  • Salesforce is the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. CRM allows you to manage relationships with your customers and prospects and track data related to all of your interactions.

  • It serves as your customer success platform, utilizing cloud technology designed to help you sell, service, market, analyze and connect with customers.

  • There is expected to be 4.2 million new Salesforce economy jobs by 2025.

Mission and Vision

  • Provide students with material that assists in the development, and refinement, of personable and professional communication. As well as, enhance their ability to integrate technology into their business needs.


  • Ultimately, we want to act as a catalyst in creating an interconnected community at UK. One that is composed of UK students that have an interest in advancements in customer support, technological innovation, and communication.

  • By utilizing Trailhead, students can learn various topics and develop skills in Salesforce, which can prepare them for certification exams.

  • Networking opportunities with Salesforce professionals

  • Potential internship opportunities with UK and local companies

Salesforce Club Members

Jonathan Andrews
Information Communication Technology


Ryan McCarthy
Marketing and Management


Ryan Smith
Finance and Management


Christine Wildes, Ph.D.