Innovation Training

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Training will manage certain ongoing innovation and product development-focused grants and programs led by UK, as well as pursue new projects and strategic partnerships focused on innovation, translational research and entrepreneurship training, coaching and mentorship to support professional development and a culture of innovation at UK and in Kentucky. Both Kentucky Network for Innovation and Commercialization (KYNETIC), an NIH REACH program, and XLerator Network, funded by National Institute for General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) are examples of programs that will be developed and managed by this focus area.



Micro-certification uses experiential design theory and mentorship programming to support researchers’ perception of their role in contributing to science, commercialization, and impact on the community.

Micro-Certification Program Objectives:

  • To understand the evolution of the university researcher and research impact on the economy and society.
  • To learn the design thinking process related to innovation and research impact by tackling unique challenges, from ideas to validation.
  • To apply design thinking methods to propose human-centered approaches to problem-solving for unmet societal or economic needs.

The two areas under the Micro-Certification Program are Impact Innovation and Impact Implementation.


  • The experienced researcher/faculty, who want to pursue a standalone micro-credential micro-certification recognized by the University of Kentucky community to build on their skillsets.

  • The future learner, who doesn’t want to fully commit to a full long-term program but will take advantage of stackable elements for future skills.

  • The current student (graduate/postdoc), who is pursuing their program and wants to pursue a micro-certification as a skill-based program.