Substance Use Priority Research Area: Vision, Mission, and Core Values


Our vision is to be the nationally and internationally leading substance use research institute that seeks to solve important problems to improve public health through interdisciplinary and innovative research and education on the biological, psychological and societal underpinnings of substance use disorders. 


Our mission is to prevent and reduce the burdens of substance use disorders through conducting and translating transdisciplinary and innovative research to inform clinical services, training and public health practice, and transform policy.

Core Values

Our core values are based on our mission to educate leaders and practitioners in the substance use field and to generate new knowledge to reduce the burdens of substance use disorders on individuals, community and society. We value: 

  • Creative, rigorous, reproducible, transformative and innovative research. 
  • The dissemination of new knowledge that increases our understanding of substance use disorders and the application of this new knowledge to reduce societal burdens that stems from substance use disorders. 
  • Diverse research interests, collaboration and collegiality. 
  • A diverse and inclusive research community that embraces all members. 
  • Innovative education, training and mentoring at all career stages.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

The Substance Use Priority Research Area (SUPRA) has zero tolerance for racial discrimination at the individual, institutional and structural levels. We embrace a culture of inclusion. SUPRA is committed to training scholars from unrepresented backgrounds, examining ways to diversify our research teams, and ensuring inclusion and diversity among those who participate in substance use research. We actively promote substance use research that improves the health and well-being of Black, Indigenous and People of Color communities. 

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