Paul Vincelli

Paul is Extension Professor and Provost’s Distinguished Service Professor in the UK Department of Plant Pathology. He serves as UK’s Coordinator for the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (SARE). He has provided outreach on climate change and agriculture in Kentucky and beyond, including at national and international scientific conferences. He has a particular interest in the relationship of food-system practices to sustainability. He considers human-induced climate change as an important but surmountable threat to the food security and food sovereignty of future generations, as well as to the conservation of biodiversity. He looks forward to working on this topic with all Kentuckians, overcoming ideological differences, towards solutions consistent with our shared values.


Research Areas

  • Management of diseases of turfgrasses and forest trees
  • International agriculture
  • Molecular diagnostics
  • Programming on diverse topics relating to sustainability of food systems
  • Outreach on risks and benefits of genetically engineered crops
  • Kentucky Co-Coordinator for the Southern Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Extension (SARE) Program

Collaborative Interests

  • public lectures
  • departmental seminars
  • publications

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