Collaborative Groups

The Neuroscience Research Priority Area recognizes that teams develop focused on defined areas of research with needs that are currently not supported through other mechanisms.  The NRPA will consider support for selected NRPA Collaborative Groups to address this gap.  One example might be a College of Medicine Alliance-type group that reaches the end of its time-limited period of support, although NRPA Collaborative Group support will be considered for any other collaborative group that meets the outlined criteria.



  • Cohesive group focused on the neurosciences involving multiple departments. Applications must have engagement from faculty from at least 2 Colleges,
  • The application must explain how the requested support will be used to support the collaborative research team.
  • Demonstration that the support for specific activities within the above context is not available through other sources or funding mechanisms.
  • Clear plan showing how the center would support applications for new or renewed external funding.
  • Plan for mentoring junior faculty specifying mentoring team and including how they are and/or will be included in current or future grant applications.
  • Demonstration of a commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • Provision of a detailed budget not to exceed $20,000 annually.  Identification of matching funds is encouraged.  However, it is recognized that group needs may vary and the NRPA will consider higher levels of funding with a compelling justification.  The budget and budget justification should clearly reflect how and where the funds will be used.
  • Submission of an annual report including outcome metrics specified in the agreement as proposed by the awardee (e.g. extramural grant submissions, peer reviewed publications)
  • Acknowledgment of NRPA support in publications.


  • Support is generally for one year subject to annual review.
  • The award does not include indirect costs.
  • NRPA Collaborative Groups may also apply for NRPA Pilot and Equipment awards.


  • Collaborative group directors/co-directors must be full-time faculty at the University of Kentucky.
  • Funds can only be used to support activities within the University of Kentucky.

Applications should be submitted via email to

Full application instructions are available at the link below.

Collaborative Group Application