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NRPA SUPRA Equipment Competition


The Neuroscience Research Priority Area is committed to providing broad based support for neuroscience investigators across the University. As part of that ongoing strategy, the NRPA is announcing the second iteration of its equipment grant program. The purpose of the program is to support neuroscience research labs and groups with funds that would permit submission of competitive external research proposals. Recognizing the significant overlap in research interests and needs in and among RPAs as well as the strong culture of collaboration at UK, we’re excited to further announce that for this competition the NRPA is partnering with the Substance Use Research Priority Area (SUPRA) which will provide matching funds for appropriate proposals (details below).  Grants can be used to assist with the purchase of new instrumentation or to upgrade existing instrumentation. The maximum grant award is $100,000, there is no minimum amount. The NRPA is providing $250,000 in total funding for this competition, exclusive of any matching funds provided by SUPRA.


All faculty from all colleges at UK are eligible to apply. Awards will be made to individual investigators or to teams of investigators. Only one piece of equipment may be requested per applicant.

For all submissions, the goals and emphasis of the competition are the same: to encourage optimal sharing among individual investigators, research groups and departments, to foster a collaborative multidisciplinary environment, and to promote cost effectiveness.

Equipment requests can be for dedicated use within an individual laboratory or for shared-use. Equipment that facilitates the research of multiple investigators or that will be available within a core facility or shared space, will be given higher priority in the review process.

Applications can be submitted with or without matching funds. Applications demonstrating matching support within the budget of a grant application will be given high priority. For proposals applying for matching funds from SUPRA, applicants do not need to demonstrate matching support; applicants will be able to indicate on their submissions that they wish to be considered for matching funds. However, all proposals will be reviewed and considered for cross-RPA support where appropriate.

Equipment maintenance, installation costs, remodeling or renovation requests will not be supported with equipment funds.

SUPRA Matching Funds

  • SUPRA’s mission is to prevent and reduce the burdens of substance use disorders through conducting and translating transdisciplinary and innovative research to inform clinical services, public health practice, and policy. For more information about SUPRA, their priorities, and their work (including SUPRA funding opportunities), visit:
  • Equipment Competition Guidelines: To be considered for matching funds from SUPRA, proposals must be for equipment that will facilitate neuroscience research in substance abuse. For appropriate proposals, SUPRA will contribute up to $50,000, half the maximum prize allowed.


Application Instructions:

Format: All applications should be submitted in a single PDF document (11 pt. type, single spaced) that includes the application form, proposal, PI biosketch, and the equipment quote provided by the vendor.

  • Cover Page
  • Equipment Proposal – 5 page limit
    • Equipment Description – brief description of the equipment, location for housing the equipment, and indication of support for the location if it is outside of an individual investigator’s laboratory.
    • Justification: Describe the need for the equipment and the research the proposed equipment will support. If the request is for support within a grant application, briefly describe the grant. This section should also address whether similar equipment is available on campus and, if so, why the existing equipment does not meet the investigator’s needs. Include a list of relevant funding sources (existing or planned) that will support research using the proposed instrumentation.
    • Users – Provide a list of major and minor users (other than PI/Co-PIs). For major users, include a brief (1 paragraph) description of how their research program will benefit from the requested equipment as well as the anticipated hours of usage for the first year.
    • Management Plan – Describe the plan for how the equipment will be shared including how other investigators will access the equipment and provisions for any required training.
  • NIH-style biosketch of PI
  • Vendor Quote

Proposals may be submitted via the VPR’s Internal Funding Portal beginning Friday, October 8, 2021. Any questions may be directed to

The application deadline is December 31, 2021..  

The NRPA will prepare the purchasing documents for equipment awarded.