Cayuse 424 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I find the system?

Cayuse 424 is a web-based platform and is accessed utilizing a standard internet connection and is compatible with most internet browsers. The system can be accessed here

What browsers won't work with 424?

The Cayuse 424 system can be accessed on various browsers on either Windows or Mac systems.

  • Windows:
    • Recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer 11
    • Provisional support for Microsoft Edge
  • Mac:
    • Provisional support for recent versions of Chrome and Safari.

Note: Support for Internet Explorer 10 and older has been discontinued. 

With all browsers, cookies, pop-ups and JavaScript will need to be enabled and allowed. 

Be sure to clear your cache after Cayuse updates. 

What is the test system?

The test system is an environment that functions almost identically to the production system designed for training purposed. Anyone may use the test site to familiarize themselves with the proposal preparation functions by creating proposals in a consequence free environment. The test system is available here

How do I login?

For the production system, go to the address above and use your normal LinkBlue ID and password (both are case sensitive). For the test system, use your LinkBlue ID and the password "WildCat".

Is everyone already set up in the system?

No. Only regular full-time faculty and staff are loaded into Cayuse and have their info updated through the HR feed. Individuals, such as students, some postdocs, those with post-retirement appointments, are not. Also certain departments were excluded from the upload if they don't normally submit grants (PPD, Dining, etc.).

What if I need to have a person added to the system?

If someone is not in the system, please email to have them added. A professional profile will also need to be created by the appropriate CGO or GPS.

What if someone leaves UK?

Contact or your CGO or GPS to remove to remove them from the system.

Need to upload the Lobbying Form LLL?

You can find it here:

How does the NIH salary cap work in the system?

If any of  the personnel is making above the NIH salary cap and that information is entered into the proposal, then Cayuse will list an error for that person's salary request. The salary will have to be manually updated.

What if the information in my Professional Profile is incorrect? 

Contact your CGO or GPS if the information in your Professional Profile needs to be revised. 

What if the federal opportunity I'm looking for isn't listed?

Anyone may download active federal opportunities using the opportunities tab in the 424 system. NOTE: The test system can only access certain opportunities. 

Who should I list in section 5 of the SF 424 "Person to be contacted on matters involving this application"?

Please list the Research Administrator in OSPA who covers your department. You can find your Research Administrator in the OSPA staff list.

Note:  Do not make changes to UK's institutional profile as any changes will affect all users, not just yourself.

Note on NIH proposals:  Cayuse will check to see if eRA Commons IDs have been entered, however, it cannot verify their accuracy.  Be sure all eRA Commons IDs are entered accurately.

How to log out of the Cayuse proposal?

Select the Proposal List icon to logout of the proposal when you are finished. This will unlock the proposal for the next individual to access the proposal. 

How to sign out of Cayuse?

Select the Sign Out icon to exit the system. An error message will be displayed upon sign out and can be ignored. Then close your internet browser.