Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IAF?

The IAF, or Internal Approval Form, is a necessary part of submitting a proposal and receiving an award for any sponsored project. See the Electronic Resources IAF section for more information. 

What is Cayuse Proposals (S2S)?

Cayuse Proposals (S2S) is a new proposal preparation and submission platform. Information about the system is available on the Electronic Resources page. Departments can request a training session by contacting OSPA, or visit the OSPA Events calendar to check for a scheduled session.

What are F&A Costs?

F&A, or Facilities and Administrative costs, are costs that support the research enterprise by providing for things that cannot be charged directly to a grant account. This includes building and equipment operating costs, and administrative operations, such as accounting and legal services. More information can be found on the Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Costs page. 

E-Account or Pre-Award Account

A pre-award account is an account that may be requested to be established in preparation of sponsor funding to help begin the project while waiting form funds from the sponsor. 

What is the Federal Uniform Guidance?

The Federal Uniform Guidance is the underlying guidelines for university recipients of federal awards in terms of applying for, accepting, and managing federal grants and other funding. See the Federal Uniform Guidance page for additional details.

Can I partner with Industry?

The University of Kentucky supports may partnerships with industry members, from product development and analysis to clinical trials. See the Industry Sponsored Agreements section under Policies and Procedures for UK's guidelines.

Where do I find the Fringe Benefits I need to include in my budget? 

Current Fringe Benefits rates, including information about Graduate Student and Research Assistant tuition is available on the Frequently Needed Information page. Additional information about preparing your budget is available under Proposal Preparation

Where do I find the codes, addresses, and other administrative information I need for my project? 

Administrative codes, mailing and payment addresses, authorized signers, and other institutional information usually required in a proposal or other request for funding is available on the Frequently Needed Information page.