Proposal Preparation Checklist


Inform your Research Administrator and College Grants Officer

Alert your Research Administrator and College Grants Officer, or other college pre-award support service contact as soon as you decide to submit a proposal. 

  • Send them a link to the sponsor's program guidelines and deadline(s).
  • Let the Research Administrator know if the sponsor requires an online submission. Not all online proposal submission systems are immediately accessible; early notification is key so OSPA can ensure we are set up in the sponsor's system.
  • Contact your College Grants Officer, or other college pre-award support service for assistance with developing a budget, budget justification, and final proposal review.

verify details

Verify Opportunity Details

Ensure that you have all the details for the current funding opportunity.

  • Verify the sponsor's form or package is the current version.
  • Note the proposal deadline date and time; whether it's before the close of business, or if it's in a different time zone. 
    • Work backwards from that date: the proposal must be received by OSPA at least three days prior to the sponsor's published deadline to ensure successful proposal review and submission.
    • Start routing your Internal Approval Form (IAF) early: it must be received by OSPA at least three business days prior to the sponsor's published deadline per UK policy. 
      • If the project involves more than one (1) department or college, factor in additional time for routing as those certifications must be obtained before the IAF can be routed to OSPA. 
      • Some colleges require additional time for review and approval. Check the Deadlines section of Policies and Procedures
  • If the sponsor limits F&A, include a copy of the sponsor's F&A policy from the proposal guidelines.
  • Mandatory cost share or match funds required by the sponsor in the proposal must be indicated on the IAF under the University column.  Voluntary cost share is not allowed without prior OSPA approval.  See BPM E-50-2 for more information.
  • If the award will be fixed-price, attach a Fixed-Price Budget Form with Column A completed.

equipment screening

Check for Equipment you may Need

Contact Assets Accounting or search the eBars database to check for equipment you may need. If the equipment needed for your project is available and access arrangements can be made, you will need to use the existing equipment for your research activities. If the equipment is not available on campus, or access cannot be arranged, this will need to be indicated on the IAF prior to submission of the proposal requesting funds for the equipment purchase. 


Compile Your Budget

Work with your CGO or preaward support service contact to develop your project's budget.