RSP Scholars Cohort 2 (2022-2023)

2022-23 Research Scholars (Cohort 2)

The Research Scholars Program is aligned with national priorities for research diversity, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Faculty Institutional Recruitment for Sustainable Transformation (FIRST) program goal of creating cultures of inclusive excellence at NIH-funded institutions by implementing well-integrated, evidence-based strategies and evaluating their impact on metrics of institutional culture, inclusive excellence and diversity. ​



Reuben Adatorwovor
College of Public Health
Research Interests: Dependence models for cancer survival analysis with competing risks for population-based studies


Yasir Alsiraj
College of Medicine

Research Interests: Role of sex chromosomes on the incidence and outcomes of aortic aneurysms and atherosclerosis 


Juan Canedo
College of Medicine
Research interests: Prevention and early detection of cancer to reduce racial and ethnic disparities, including high-risk strains of the human papillomavirus in the Hispanic population


Fanny Chapelin
College of Engineering
Research interests: Non-invasive MRI methods to track immune cell migration to inflammation sites in transplant rejection, autoimmune diseases and cancer


Brittany Givens Rassoolkhani
College of Engineering
Research Interests: Polymeric drug delivery to treat advanced stage endometrial cancer and address health disparities in endometrial cancer mortality and targeted drug delivery systems


Julie Plasencia
College of Agriculture, Food and Environment
Research interests: Diet-related health disparities in type 2 diabetes and Hispanic populations, and the influence of ethnic, cultural food beliefs and practices