Application Information

Cohort 5 Call for Nominations/Applications

Applications for Cohort 5 will be announced November 4, 2024, with a submission deadline of December 16, 2024. Nominations for the RSP must be submitted by the faculty member’s mentor, chair, dean, center director, or research supervisor. The following items must be included in the nomination packet:  

Nomination letter (1-2 pages) from mentor, chair, dean, center director, or research supervisor, including: 

  • Confirmation of meeting eligibility criteria and faculty commitment of ~10% of distribution of effort during the program
    • Eligibility criteria for applicants are as follows:
      • U.S. citizen or permanent resident
      • Doctoral-level degree (MD, PhD, DMD, DDS, DO, PharmD)
      • Full-time UK Assistant or Associate Professor
      • Commitment of at least 30% effort to research
      • Priority is given to investigators who have not yet achieved significant extramural funding as Principal Investigator
  • Description of research promise, including a statement that the prime unit for appointment will support participation in all aspects of the RSP
  • Statement of why nominee would benefit from the RSP 
  • Description of nominee’s current mentorship structure within and outside their home department/center 
  • Description of sources of financial support for participation in the RSP. The cost of the program is anticipated to be $22,000 for each faculty member. Use of departmental and/or College/Center resources, such as enrichment funds, is an anticipated source of support for this program, and it is expected that colleges and/or units provide a portion of cost-share for each nominated faculty if their faculty is selected to participate. If resources are limiting to cover the entire costs of the program, we will work with units to assist with securing support. Please contact Nancy Schoenberg,

Candidate’s letter (1-2 pages) from junior faculty member, including:  

  • Description of research focus (accessible to those outside their discipline) 
  • Statement of why candidate would benefit from the RSP 
  • Statement describing contribution or commitment to diversifying the research workforce 
  • Statement indicating commitment to engage in RSP activities for the entire 2025 RSP cohort year (likely April 2025-March 2026)


Application Submission

To apply, please fill out the brief Qualtrics survey and upload a PDF which includes the materials listed above:

Review Process


Members of the RSP Faculty Advisory Committee, consisting of 15 tenured faculty members from academic units across campus, will review and rank the nomination packet.  Selection will be based on the following criteria: 

  • Research accomplishments 
  • Promise for success and potential to benefit from the RSP 

Final selection of RSP participants from the ranked list of nomination packets will be made by the RSP leadership.