Graduate/Professional Student and Postdoctoral Pilot Grants

Graduate/Professional Student Pilot Grants

This pilot funding mechanism provides resources to support innovative substance use research conducted by graduate and/or professional students from a basic science, pre-clinical, clinical, or community research perspective. All applications must address how the pilot project will advance the student’s research prospects in terms of publications, pursuit of extramural grant support, and/or job market competitiveness. The aim of the Graduate/Professional Student Pilot grant award is to train the next generation of substance use researchers. Requests for Applications (RFAs) will be released every 12 to 18 months.

Current Awardees: Postdoctoral Scholar

  • Hamed (Hami) Hemati (Chahardeh), Toxicology ad Cancer Biology
    • Mentor - Dr. Xia Liu
    • Title: The Role of Alcohol Abuse in Osteoclastogenesis- Mediated Impaired Neutrophil Function
  • Erin Maher, Family and Community Medicine
    • Mentor - Dr. Cassandra Gipson
    • Title: Factors Driving Nicotine Use in Females: Role of Estrogen in the Reward Pathway
  • Mark Rzeszutek, Family and Community Medicine
    • Mentor - Dr. Mikhail N. Koffarnus
    • Title: Identifying Factors that Contribute to Suicide Risk for those with Alcohol Use Disorder

Super Students Grant Opportunities

Please Check Back Later

At this current moment, SUPRA is not accepting applications for pilot grants. Once a new round of grants is available, an announcement will be made through the SUPRA Listserv. If you would like to be added to the SUPRA listserv, please contact Brooke Poe