Super Students Pilot Grants

Super Students Pilot Grants

The purpose of the SUPRA Student Grant award is to seed innovative substance use research collaborations between a promising undergraduate student and an outstanding graduate student, with mentorship from a faculty advisor. Through the pursuit of a collaborative substance use research project from a basic science, clinical, or community research perspective, the project will provide undergraduate students with a high-impact learning experience while developing the mentorship skillset of graduate students. The aim of the SUPRA Student Grant award is to train the next generation of substance use researchers.  Requests for Applications (RFAs) will be released every 12 to 18 months.

Current Awardees

  • Svetlana Dzhala (Undergraduate) & Shannon Eaton (Graduate)
  • Emily Punzal (Undergraduate) & Samantha Malone (Graduate)
  • Rhea B. Sitaram (Undergraduate) & John Brown (Graduate)
  • Abby Wilcox (Undergraduate) & Caleb Bailey (Graduate)
  • Summer Williams (Undergraduate) & Caitlyn Hood (Graduate)

Super Students Grant Opportunities

Substance Use Priority Research Area (SUPRA) Graduate/Professional Student Pilot Grant RFA

This pilot funding mechanism provides resources to support innovative substance use research conducted by graduate and/or professional students from a basic science, pre-clinical, clinical, or community research perspective. All applications must address how the pilot project will advance the student’s research prospects in terms of publications, pursuit of extramural grant support, and/or job market competitiveness. A faculty advisor is required for oversight. Eligibility is limited to graduate students or professional students at UK. Pilot award winners will be expected to present at the next Substance Use Research Event (SURE). A maximum of $6,000 will be awarded for a period of 12 months, with a 7/1/21 start date. Applications are due 3/1/21. Review panel may request additional information. Submit application as a single (1) PDF file to Brooke Poe ( Name the file with the PI’s last name, underscore, SUPRA_ADVANCEDSTUDENT_2021 (e.g., Walsh_ADVANCEDSTUDENT_SUPRA2020). Applications must include:

  • SUPRA Pilot Grant Cover Page that requires an applicant and faculty advisor signature
  • NIH or NSF-style biosketch for applicant (5 page limit)
  • Faculty advisor is required to submit:
    • Letter of support (1 page)
    • NIH or NSF-style biosketch (5 page limit)
  • Budget/justification (1 page)
    • Proposal submission through OSPA is not required.
    • Include specific justifications for expenses.
    • If not supported by an assistantship or fellowship for the entire duration of the 12-month award period, graduate or professional student stipends ($400 week maximum) are allowed with strong justification. Tuition is not an allowable expense, but should be provided from other funding sources.
    • Only travel costs necessary for the carrying out the aims of the research are allowable (e.g., conference travel is not an allowable expense).
    • Purchase of equipment is allowable with strong justification.
    • Publication costs are not allowed.
  • Research plan (2 pages)
    • The research plan should include a clear description of the research project.  The research plan should provide an overview of what is being determined, why this research is important, outline the methodological approach, and articulate research deliverables.  It is suggested that the research plan use the following headings:
      • Significance and Scientific Aims
      • Methodology
      • Deliverables, Future Research, & Career Development (e.g., presentations, publications, future grant applications, award applications, etc.). 
  • Timeline (1/2 page)
    • Include a timeline with milestones for accomplishments described in the research plan including deliverables. The timeline should span 7/1/21 through 6/30/22.
  • References (no page limit)

Download instructions and cover page.