Cayuse AO FAQ

Sometimes you need a small bit of information, and you are not sure who to ask. Here are some common questions we hear on a regular basis. 

Supported Browsers

Recent versions of Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

Recent versions of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Internet Explorer and Edge do not work with AO.

I’m having trouble logging in – what should I do?

Enter your uk linkblue id and password to log in

Your password must not contain a space as the first character or last character in your password.

If you’re still unable to log into Cayuse, contact Sheri Patrick for instructions on logging in. Your Linkblue password may need to be updated in a way that allows you to access Cayuse.

To prevent future log-in problems, log out fully each time you finish a session in Cayuse: Click “log out” on each tab of Cayuse, then close the tab. This should eliminate the need to clear cookies.


What does “Workflow Cancelled” mean?

This is an action in the system performed by the OAV-IACUC office staff.  Your protocol has not been cancelled.  This occurs when a protocol has completed a portion of the review process.  Typically, this notation means something else is needed prior to protocol approval such as personnel training or IBC approval.

What is the empty square in the Table of Contents?

An empty square indicates this page of the protocol has not been completed.  Click on the page in the table of contents to complete the information and receive the checkmark in the box.

How do I get the green box with the check mark?

Information must be added to each section of the protocol in order to complete the page and get the green box.  In some cases you may have to respond to a reviewer remark in the rebuttal field to make this change.

Why can’t I submit my protocol?

If you receive an error message indicating all pages are not complete: Find the empty boxes or those boxes that are half green and return to that page to complete the required information.