For Investigators

Upcoming Phase 1

Upcoming Phase 2 Investigator Communications

  1. Investigator Training Announcement.

  2. Investigator Training Follow-up.

  3. Phase 2 Go-Live Announcement for Investigator.

  4. Investigator and CGS Introductions with Staff Portfolio Assignments.

  5. Phase 1 & 2 Investigator Feedback Survey.

Investigator Specific Resources

Investigator Specific Resources

The Project GATeWAY team has developed and vetted a Principal Investigator Transition Document, QRG, Guide for Responsibilities, and a Project Checklist with relevant UK parties that will support the transition to working with the new CGS.

  • Investigator Quick Reference Guide (QRG)

    • The intent of this guide is to give a high-level overview of the services provided to the Investigators and the additional resources they have access to assist with the roles and responsibilities of the Investigator.

  • Sponsored Project Lifecycle Guidance for Responsibilities

    • Outlines high level overview of Investigator and CGS Staff responsibilities and handoffs within the award lifecycle

  • Investigator Project Checklist

    • Provides step by step checklist on tasks required of the Investigator throughout the sponsored project lifecycle

  • Investigator Transition Document

    • This document is meant as a reference guide during the CGS transition.  It is not meant to be linked with any of the above documents.  It is a high-level confirmation of the key changes an investigator will see during the transition, and the expectation of them or the CGS.