Annual Equipment Validation

Equipment MUST be cleaned after every use to prevent cross contamination.  These procedures are for the Annual Validation of Equipment Cleaning and Disinfecting for maintaining compliance with IACUC Policy 137.

After disinfecting your equipment, the effectiveness of your cleaning process will need to be tested at least once a year!  This will be part of the IACUC semiannual inspection.  DLAR will offer services to assist PIs to remain in compliance with IACUC Policy 137.   

Labs deciding not to validate cleaning efforts themselves, DLAR will assist with the required testing: 

  • Providing every piece of equipment that falls into the parameters outlined in IACUC policy 137 with a serial number.
    • Serial numbers not able to be placed on the piece of equipment directly will be given a special binder to maintain serial number documentation. 
  • Contact Kristin Fox via email to schedule yearly testing 7 business days prior to the requested test date.
    • Equipment being tested for the first time will need a short description of the equipment being tested.
  • Testing of the equipment should be done as soon as possible after cleaning.
    • Before your appointment, clean and disinfect the equipment to be tested.
    • The USDA website has detailed guidelines regarding both Cleaning and Disinfecting. 
  • A staff member from DLAR Vet Services will come and swab the equipment being tested.

If the equipment was properly cleaned and disinfected, you will receive a printout of the results for the equipment being tested, for the lab’s records.

In the event the equipment fails the swab test:

  • The Lab will need to schedule another appointment for follow-up testing.
    • DLAR staff will not wait for you to re–clean/disinfect equipment. 
  • Labs that utilize this service will be charged Vet Tech Time (15 minutes minimum) along with the cost of each swab used. The most current prices for these charges are listed on the Per Diem page of the Division of Laboratory Animal Resources website and are updated annually at the start of the new Fiscal year.

 How Does Testing Work

  • DLAR will use a handheld swab testing device that detects Adenosine Triphosphate (ADT) the source of energy for use and storage at the cellular level.
  • DLAR Veterinary Service Staff will swab and area approximately 4”x4” on the piece of equipment.
  • The fluid inside the swab will combine with any ATP left behind on the piece of equipment during swabbing and will cause a bioluminescent reaction
  • The handheld device will measure the light emitted in Relative Light Units (RLUs)
  • Results
    • < 200 RLUs is Passing Cleaning and Disinfecting Procedures are adequate.
    • ≥ 200 RLUs is Failing Cleaning and Disinfecting Procedures are inadequate, another appointment will be required for retesting.

DLAR Service: Equipment Validation PDF (2 pages)