2019 Equipment Competition Results

The Fall 2019 Equipment Competition received 80 proposals, requesting more than $12.5M of equipment. Following peer review, we funded 21 requests, resulting in nearly $4M in new equipment across campus. Support for this equipment came from VPR funds (75%) and unit (Department, College, Center, Research Priority Area) matching funds.

Core Facility Equipment

College Researcher Equipment Name Facility
A & S Harrison, Douglas Countess II FL Multi-channel Fluorescence Automated Cell Counter Biology Imaging Facility https://bio.as.uky.edu/research-facilities-resources
Engineering Balk, Thomas Leica EM ACE600 High Vacuum Coater Electron Microscopy Center http://emc.engr.uky.edu
Engineering Seales, Brent ThermoScientific HeliScan MicroCT Electron Microscopy Center http://emc.engr.uky.edu
Medicine Jia, Jianhang Lago Optical Imaging System COBRE Imaging Core https://ccm.med.uky.edu/cores
Research Cohen, Donald BD FACSymphony Research Flow Cytometer Flow Cytometry and Immune Monitoring Core https://www.research.uky.edu/flow-cytometry-and-immune-monitoring-core-facility
A & S Adams Jr., Thomas  MRISC Physiological Recording Equipment Upgrade: Biopac MP160 MRISC https://www.research.uky.edu/magnetic-resonance-imaging-and-spectroscopy-center
Research Smith, Charles 7 T Small Animal MRI Instrument MRISC https://www.research.uky.edu/magnetic-resonance-imaging-and-spectroscopy-center


 Shared and Individual Equipment 

College Department Researcher Equipment Name
CAFE Animal and Food Sciences Xiong, Youling Shimadzu Advanced UV-2700 Spectrophotometer
CAFE Veterinary Science Shaffer, Carrie Emulate, Inc. Organ-on-a-Chip Platform
CAFE Plant and Soil Sciences Hildebrand, David  TC-20 is a sorbent tube conditioning instrument
A & S Chemistry Richards, Christopher  NanoSight NS300 nanoparticle characterization system
A & S Physics And Astronomy Gannon, William Expand the Storage Capacity of the UK Center for Advanced Materials Helium Liquification Facility (pending)
Dentistry Dentistry Oral Health Science Morford, Lorri Thermo Scientific TSX series -80°C ultra-low freezer plus -20°C manual defrost freezer
Education Kinesiology - Health Promotion Clasey, Jody  COSMED K5 Portable Metabolic Technology System
Engineering Civil Engineering Hobbs, Shakira                       Acquisition of a LC-MS/MS dedicated to environmental engineering research
Fine Arts School of Art and Visual Studi Jensen, Robert Laser Cutter, Plasma Cutter, Digital Loom
Medicine Molecular and Cellular Biochem Sun, Ramon HTX M5 matrix sprayer
Medicine Pathology Nelson, Peter Aperio/Leica AT2 slide scanner machine
Medicine Internal Medicine Sturgill, Jamie Pulmonary physiology research core
Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences Graf, Gregory Eppendorf Liquid Handling Workstation
Research CAER Hopps, Shelley  Rigaku SmartLab Multipurpose T/T X-ray Diffraction System with SAXS Attachment