2019 IRC Funding Results

IRC Symposiums were held on April 22, 2019 and April 24, 2019, where collaborative research teams who were funded in 2018 presented their results. An IRC Networking Event was held on May 1, 2018. Participation in this event was not required for proposal submission.

2019 IRC Pilot Applications were due June 5, 2019.  Sixty-three proposals were submitted and reviewed by the Associate Deans for Research of the participating colleges or their designee. Sixteen proposals (25% of those submitted) were selected for funding, awarding nearly $453,000 for these pilot awards. These proposals involve 9 colleges and 43 UK faculty: 12 COM faculty, 9 A&S faculty, 7 COP faculty, 6 ENG faculty, 3 CHS faculty, 2 CAFÉ faculty, 2 COD faculty, 1 CPH faculty and 1 C&I faculty.

The projects selected were:

Titles Investigators
Can Exercise Improve Therapeutic Learning among Women with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder? Thomas Adams (A&S)/ Nathan Johnson (CHS)/Christal Badour (A&S)
Imposing Organization in Large Volume Artificial Muscle Tissue Bradley Berron (COE)/Charolette Peterson (CPH)
Long-Term Immunomodulation from Opioid Exposure in Septic Shock Brittany Bissell (COP)/Marlene Starr (COM)/Jamie Sturgill (COM)/Peter Morris (COM)
Development of Advanced Simulation Capabilities for Vascular Obstruction and Planning of Revascularization Christoph Brehm (COE)/Khaled Ziada (COM)/Ahmed Abdel-Latif (COM)/Craig Beavers (COP)
Chronic Orofacial Neuropathic Pain-Associated miRNAs and the Efficacy of Massage Therapy Robert Danaher (COD)/Esther Dupont-Versteegden (CHS)/Craig Miller (COD)/Charles Carlson (A&S)/Hideaki Nagaoka (COD)/timothy Butterfield (CHS)
Use of online social networks to predict uptake of measles vaccination in children  Hana Khamfroush (COE)/Kathleen Winter (CPH)
Modeling of heat propagation, pyrolysis and charring in bourbon barrel staves Alexandre Martin (COE)/Seth DeBolt (CAFÉ)
NMR Studies to Investigate Protein-Protein Interaction in Polycatalytic Complexes Anne-Frances Miller (A&S)/Jurgen Rohr (COP)
A multidisciplinary approach to sustainable deprescribing in patients experiencing polypharmacy: The DeRx Project Daniela Moga (COP)/James Keck (COM)/Nancy Harrington (C&I)/Mark Huffmyer (COP)/Trish Rippetoe (COP)
Sleep, metabolomics and Alzheimer's Disease Bruce O'Hara (A&S)/Hunter Moseley (COM)
Role of mechanosensitive ion channels in opioid-induced hyperalgesia Pavel Ortinski (COM)/Eve Schneider (A&S)
Development of an organoid platform for equine medicine Carrie Shaffer (CAFÉ)/Christine Fillimore Brainson COM
From Clinic to Bench: Modeling Aortic Aneurysm in the Zebrafish Embryo Mary B. Sheppard (COM)/Jakub Famulski (A&S)
Investigation of phosphorene toxicity and its photocatalytic properties for degradation of Per-and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) substances in water Olga Tsyusko-Unrine (CAFÉ)/Isabel Escobar (COE)/Andrew Morris (COM)
Inflammatory Drivers of SUDs Jill Turner (COP)/Josh Lile (COM)