Formulaic Start-Up Program

Formulaic Start-Up Program

In FY 2015-16, Research created a pool of start-up funds by reserving 20% of the estimated F&A budget for the year to return to colleges to help offset the cost of strategic faculty recruitments. To calculate the Formulaic Start-up Award, we take the average % of F&A earned by colleges for the last 4 complete years.  That percent is then applied to the pool resulting in the Formulaic Start-up for each college.   All colleges receive a minimum Formulaic Start-up Award of $10,000. 

Appropriate Uses:

  1. Faculty research support (start-up, retention, bridge funding, etc.)
  2. Graduate student support
  3. Research equipment (purchase, upgrades, maintenance, repair, etc.)
  4. Research seminars/symposia/workshops
  5. Domestic and foreign research travel
  6. Research faculty and staff salary support*
  7. Research supplies (includes research related office supplies)

*Formulaic Start-Up funds are considered to be a non-recurring source of funding. Caution should be exercised when supporting faculty and staff salaries.

Excluded Uses:

  1. Faculty salary supplements (overloads)
  2. Purely instructional activities
  3. Teaching Assistant (TA) salaries