Research Activity Awards

The RAA is awarded to help foster research and scholarly activity in your college.  Research will provide a direct award to your college of 5% of the facilities and administrative (F&A) costs reimbursed to the university based on grant and contract expenditures attributable to your college two years prior.  All colleges will be awarded a minimum of $10,000 in RAA.  Our intent through provision of this supplement is to support all types of research and creative work, eliminating the need to request support from the Office of Research for numerous uses (e.g. publication charges, travel expenses, meeting support, etc.).

Appropriate Uses:

  1. Faculty research support (start-up, retention, bridge funding, etc.)
  2. Graduate student support
  3. Research equipment (purchase, upgrades, maintenance, repair, etc.)
  4. Research seminars/symposia/workshops
  5. Domestic and foreign research travel
  6. Research faculty and staff salary support*
  7. Research supplies (includes research related office supplies)

*RAA funds are considered to be a non-recurring source of funding. Caution should be exercised when supporting faculty and staff salaries.

Excluded Uses:

  1. Faculty salary supplements (overloads)
  2. Purely instructional activities
  3. Teaching Assistant (TA) salaries