Spring 2017 Equipment Competition Results

Spring 2017 Competition Results

The 2017 Equipment Competition held by the Office of Research resulted in a total of 92 proposal submissions, requesting nearly $3M. Following peer review, we funded a total of 40 requests, resulting in $1,024,927 of new equipment within the research enterprise.

Approximate values from chart: A&S: $600K requested, $200K funded. Business: $10K requested, $10K funded. CAFE: $625K requested, $125K funded, $25K in freezers. Dentistry: $25K requested, $25K in freezers. Design: $50K requested, $25K funded. Education: $90K requested. Engineering: $250K requested, $100K funded. Fine Arts: $80K requested, $10K funded. Health Science: $125K requested. Medicine: $850K requested, $210K funded, $100K in freezers. Pharmacy: $180K requested, $50K funded. VPR: $100K requested, $90K funded.

Equipment Funded

College Department PI Equipment Requested
A&S Anthropology George Crothers 5-Channel Magnetometer and Real-Time Kinematic Differential Global Positioning System
A&S Chemistry Doo Young Kim FluoroMax Plus-C spectrofluorometer
A&S Chemistry Bert C. Lynn ZipChip microfluidics separation system
A&S Chemistry Dong-Sheng Yang Quanta-Ray Lab-170 Nd
A&S Chemistry Folami Ladipo High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
Business Marketing and Supply Chain David Hardesty X3-120 Tobii eye tracking system and Biopac physiological equipment
CAFE Animal & Food Sciences David Harmon UV/VIS spectrophotometer
CAFE Animal & Food Sciences Phillip Bridge Calan Broadbent Unit
CAFE Entomology Subba R. Palli SpectraMax i3x Multi-Mode Microplate reader
CAFE Entomology John Obrycki Percival Scientific Biological Incubator
CAFE Plant & Soil Sciences David Van Sanford Precision Laboratory Flour Mill
CAFE Plant & Soil Sciences Arthur Hunt ultra low freezer
CAFE Plant Pathology Pradeep Kachroo Evaporative Light Scattering Detector
CAFE Veterinary Sciences Ahmad Saied ultra low freezer
Dentistry   Lorri Ann Morford ultra low freezer
Design   Mitzi R. Vernon KUKA KR6 R900 Robotic Arm and 3D Printers
Engineering Electron Microscopy Center John Balk Critical Point Dryer, Microscope, Digital Camera
Engineering Chemical & Materials Engineering John Balk  Power supplies and sputter sources for film deposition
Engineering   Gail Brion replace failing Dionex Ion Chromatograph
Fine Arts Art & Visual Studies Robert Jensen Allforge Boss 3D Molding Machine
Medicine Medicine Philip A. Kern Quant Studio 0.2 ml qPCR system
Medicine Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics Subbarao Bondada Heraeus Multifuge X3 RTX
Medicine Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics John Yannelli, Subbarao Bondada, Brett Spear ultra low freezer
Medicine Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry Jessica Blackburn Droplet Digital PCR system
Medicine Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry Matthew S. Gentry ultra low freezer
Medicine Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry Stefan Stamm ultra low freezer
Medicine Neuroscience Patrick Sullivan Oroboros O2K-Fluorometer
Medicine Neuroscience Jill Roberts PeriCam PSI System
Medicine Neuroscience Bret N. Smith ultra low freezer
Medicine Neuroscience and Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry Luke Bradley ultra low freezer
Medicine Pathology Peter Nelson ultra low freezer
Medicine Pharmacology & Nutritional Sciences Ryan Temel SMZ18 Stereo microscope
Medicine Pharmacology & Nutritional Sciences Olivier Thibault recording/imaging equipment
Medicine Pharmacology & Nutritional Sciences Christopher M. Norris ultra low freezer
Medicine Physiology  Steve Estus ultra low freezer
Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences Bjoern Bauer X-CLARITY for Light Microscopy Core Facility
Pharmacy   R. Kip Guy CLARIOstar high performance microplate reader
VPR CAER Wilson D. Shafer Fusion MicroGC
VPR  Kentucky Geological Survey Thomas Parris Portable Gas Chromatograph
VPR MRISC Research Core Charles D. Smith MRI-compatible button response and auditory systems for fMRI