Facility Use

training access


All users must complete training to access any of the instruments. Training is performed for either individuals or for groups of 2-3 users. 

Complete a request form to schedule training.

Access our online management system to reserve equipment.

Please click here for the light microscopy facility user agreement (pdf, 1pg).

Facility Access

Users can request badge access by emailing Daniel Hall. Access is restricted to registered users or with permission from facility staff. 



Instrument Daytime M-F
(8 am - 5 pm)                
After-hours Use  
SP5 AOBS $30/hr $25/hr
SP5 Multiphoton $30/hr $25/hr
Nikon A1RSi $30/hr $25/hr
Nikon N-SIM-N-STORM $30/hr $25/hr
Zeiss LSM880 Multiphoton Microscope $30/hr $25/hr
X-Clarity $20 per clearing
($200 one time training fee applies)
Users are required to provide reagents
Zeiss PALM MicroBeam $30/hr $25/hr
JPK Nanowizard 4 $30/hr $25/hr


Other Services
Imaging Services $60/hr
Training $60/hr
Data Clinic* free

* For Data Clinic services, contact Thomas Wilkop.