What We Make


For research, scholarship and creative activity topics that lend themselves to a conversation format or extra content that doesn't fit into a short video, we produce podcasts. Explore our podcasts.

Research Blog

We produce the Research Blog for the Vice President for Research. It posts on UKNOW on Thursdays. See the Research Blog.


We produce and maintain top-level sites for the Office of the Vice President, Research Support Units and Core Facilities. See Research site. 

PowerPoint Templates

UK Research logo

  • There are three different versions of the UK Research PowerPoint template. Download the color scheme that works best for you from Google Drive.
  • You can edit these templates by going to View/Slide Master, click on the top slide in the left hand column and edit the unit name and date as needed. 

University of Kentucky logo 

You can download UK logo PowerPoint templates from UK Public Relations and Marketing's Brand Downloads. You will need to log in with your link blue id. 

Newsletters & Emails

Digital Signage

We control the digital signage in the Healthy Kentucky Research Building (HKRB). To add content to those screens, contact Alicia Gregory.