RCR Exemption Request

Any UK employee, trainee, or group of individuals who is designated to complete the online RCR training, but believe they should be exempt from the process, should submit, in writing, a justification to their Chair and/or Unit Director. The Chair and/or Unit Director should respond to the request with a determination, in writing. The response will need to be attached to the RCR Exemption Request form.

If you or anyone in your group is requesting exemption from the training requirement and are, or become, part of an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) study, Institutional Review Board (IRB) study, or grant application at UK, the exemption designation will be removed from the tracking software and the RCR training requirement enforced.

The ad hoc committee meets monthly. All requests will be reviewed at that time. Once a determination has been made, the individual(s) will be notified, in writing. 


RCR Exemption Request Flow Chart