UK Inventory Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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UK Inventory FAQs

Is there a cost to use Inventory?

No, anyone with a UK LabArchives account is able to access the Inventory tool.

Will I have to maintain an account separate from my LabArchives Notebook account?

No, you will be able to use the same account you use for LabArchives Notebook and will be able to switch between both of them. 

How do I access Inventory through my UK LabArchives account?

You will click the test tube to the right of your name in your UK LabArchives ERN or go to to log in using UK's single sign on portal. 

How do I create my Inventory account?

  1. Go to or click the test tube to the right of your name in your UK LabArchives ERN.
  2. Select "University of Kentucky" in the "Sign-in through your institution" dropdown list and log in using your linkblue ID and linkblue password. 
  3. After signing up, an Activation Link will be sent to your email. Click the link to begin using Inventory. (If you do not receive the email, please check your Junk Mail folder.)
  4. You will land on the page to set up your lab (this is a general word and does not have to pertain to an actual laboratory). It is recommended that you click "Get Started" for a quick tour of this tool. 


Should I use the same email address as my LabArchives account?

Yes, this will promote consistency across all LabArchives tools. 

What roles can be assigned in my Inventory account?

LabArchives Inventory has two roles: Lab Manager and Lab Member.    

Lab Manager

The Lab Manager has all rights and privileges to manage everything in an inventory.  This role is typically given to the person(s) in charge of maintaining a lab’s inventory and principal investigator (PI).  You can have multiple people in the Lab Manager role.  A Lab Manager may also be the Account Owner (see below). 

Lab Member

The Lab Member role can create inventory items, search, and place order requests.  This role is typically assigned to all non-managers who will be using, adding, or requesting inventory items. You can have multiple people with the Lab Member role. 

LabArchives article: Creating Custom Roles


Can I have more than one person with the Lab Manager role?

Yes, there is no limit on the number of people who can have the Lab Manager role.  Typically the person responsible for the inventory management and PIs will have the Lab Manager role, but others can also be assigned the Lab Manager role. 

Can I customize information for my inventory?

Yes, you can customize Inventory Types and Storage.

Inventory Types

There are 9 default types to categorize inventory items, but you can modify to match the types that you use.  You can customize the details fields for the defaults, delete the ones that aren’t relevant (with the exception of the General), and create your own new types.  


You can create a multi-level representation of your storage locations so that you can view items from multiple perspectives.   

Can I import my current list of inventory into LabArchives Inventory?

Yes, LabArchives provides an import template to upload your inventory information.  It is organized by Inventory Type which can be customized in the Lab Management section of LabArchives Inventory. 

LabArchives article: Importing Inventory Items froM Excel

Can I search my inventory?

Yes, inventory items and orders can be searched and filtered. 

LabArchives article: Searching Your Inventory

Can I place orders with vendors directly from Inventory?

No, LabArchives Inventory only allows for approval and organization of order requests. These requests can then be exported as a “shopping list” to enter into UK's ordering system.

Can I export my inventory information from LabArchives Inventory?

Yes, inventory items can be exported for reporting and ordering purposes. 

LabArchives article: Exporting your Inventory

Can I scan QR labels with the QR app on my phone?

The Inventory program has been designed to be mobile-friendly.  From your mobile device’s browser, you can scan QR codes you’ve generated from the program. Simply select the camera icon near the search window on the Inventory menu to scan. 

LabArchives article: Scanning QR Codes and Labels

What label printer and label format is supported?

There are dozens of label printer manufacturers and software packages available.

LabArchives article: Label Printing Device and Label Recommendations