2018 IRC Funding Results

An IRC Symposium was held on April 11, 2018, where collaborative research teams who were funded in 2017 presented their results. See details.

An IRC Networking Event was held on April 16, 2018. Participation in this event was not required for proposal submission. See details

2018 IRC Pilot Applications were due May 29, 2018.  Sixty-nine proposals were submitted and reviewed by the Associate Deans for Research of the participating colleges or their designee. Sixteen proposals (23% of those submitted) were selected for funding, awarding nearly $459,000 for these pilot awards. These proposals involve 9 colleges and 43 UK faculty: 12 COM faculty, 7 CAFÉ faculty, 6 A&S faculty, 5 ENG faculty, 4 COP faculty, 3 CPH faculty, 3 CSW faculty, 2 BUS faculty and 1 CON faculty.

The projects selected were:

Title Investigators
Antagonists for tobacco smoke odor block cravings to smoke Timothy S. McClintock (COM)/Chang-Guo Zhan (COP)/ Dong Han (COM)
Antibiotics from Colletotrichum Fungi Steven Van Lanen (COP)/Lisa Vaillancourt (CAFÉ)
Apparatus and Procedure for Ultrasound Investigation of Velopharyngeal port aperture Kevin B. McGowan (A&S)/Michael T. Johnson (ENG)
Development of gold complexes as antibacterial agents Sylvie Garneau-Tsodikova (COP)/Samuel Awuah (A&S)
Effectiveness of a heart rate variability biofeedback intervention and mobile app on cardiac autonomic functioning in Iraq/Afghanistan veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder Donna Schuman (CSW)/Debra Moser (CON)/Jessica Domino (VAMC)/Karen Lawrence (CSW)/JP Ginsberg (USC)
Ex Vivo Lung Model for High Throughput Drug Screening Christopher Waters (COM)/Christine Trinkle (ENG)
Fingolimod Protects Dopaminergic Neurons against Neuroinflammation after Traumatic Brain Injury Guoying Bing (COM)/Allan Butterfield (A&S)
Generation and evolution of chemical signals in plant defense Aardra Kachroo (CAFÉ)/Pradeep Kachroo (CAFÉ)/Steven Van Lanen (COP)/David McLetchie (A&S)
Identification of cellular targets of human respiratory viruses in yeast Peter Nagy (CAFÉ)/Rebecca Dutch (COM)
Identifying non-pathogenic tick endosymbionts for potential use in applied vector management Jen White (CAFÉ)/Brian Stevenson (COM)
Listening to Markets– A Temporal Convolutional Net Analysis  of Conservatism in Financial Reporting Dan Stone (BUS)/Nathan Jacobs (ENG)/Mark Lauersdorf (A&S)/Hong Xie (BUS)
Mechanical role of wall teichoic acid in antimicrobial resistance of Enterococcus faecalis Martha E. Grady (ENG)/Natalia Korotkova (COM)
Perinatal hepatitis C knowledge and treatment gaps among HCV-infected women with opioid-use disorder Kathleen Winter (CPH)/Agatha Critchfield (COM)/Kathi Harp (CPH)/Sheila Barnhart (CSW)
Searching for Genetic Modifiers in Familial ALS Haining Zhu (COM)/David Fardo (CPH)/Edward Kasarskis (COM)/Daret St. Clair (COM)
Social Exclusion Increases Opioid Craving: An fMRI Study Nathan DeWall (A&S)/William Stoops (COM)
Wine Microfluidics: Predictive Measurements of Wine Oxidation and Aging Christine A Trinkle (ENG)/Seth DeBolt (CAFÉ)/ Jeffery Wheeler (CAFÉ)