Igniting Research Collaborations

Igniting Research Collaborations (IRC) seeks to increase interdisciplinary scientific engagement and leverage the breadth of expertise across campus to tackle important problems in the Commonwealth.

Goal & Purpose:

  • UK is 1 of 8 US universities with undergrad, graduate, professional, medical, engineering & agricultural programs – distinct opportunity for collaborative research
  • Foster new collaborations across colleges
  • Diverse expertise leads to innovative advances
  • Faculty from all UK colleges invited to apply
  • Previous awardees can apply

The IRC Pilot must be a NEW collaboration of faculty from at least 2 different colleges. The maximum budget amount is $50,000. Typical awards are in the $25,000 - $30,000 range. Salary for faculty is not allowed. The budget period is for six months, December 1, 2020 – June 1, 2021.

Review will be conducted by ADRs or designated Chairs of participating colleges.

2020 Annual IRC Symposium

2020 IRC Networking Event

2020 Timeline

  • April 13: Networking Event
  • May 14: Applications Due
  • Early June: Application review
  • Early July: Pilot funds available
  • September 23: Symposium
  • September 30: Networking Event
  • October 28: Applications Due
  • November 18: Application Review by ADRs

IRC Pilot Application Process: Due October 28

  • Portal will open after September 30 Networking event
  • Submit to: https://ris.uky.edu/pdo/fundingportal
  • Proposals will be reviewed by College ADRs 
  • IRC Symposium progress report
  • Since the IRC conceptual framework is to generate “new” research ideas, applications to collect preliminary data to respond to a critique are not be eligible.

What to submit:

  • IRC Cover Letter
  • Abstract (30 lines maximum)
  • 2-Page Research Plan 
    • New collaboration means no publications & no funding history.
    • Indicate what led to this new collaboration.
    • Provide statement about prior IRC funding and outcomes.
    • Include rationale for the project, specific aims, methods.
    • Discuss how the preliminary data/evidence will propel the collaborative project forward. 
    • Include a timeline for accomplishments and plan beyond the project.
    • Indicate plan for seeking extramural funding. 
    • Describe any other measures of success. 
  • NIH-style biosketch for each collaborator 
    • Faculty from >2 colleges.
    • Include name, email, department affiliation, a brief statement of research expertise/program, educational track record, current funding and relevant publications. 
  • 1-Page budget/justification
    • eIAF not required.
    • Indicate the role of each investigator on the project.
    • Budgets will not be administered by OSPA.
    • Include specific justification for expenses.
    • Only travel costs necessary to acquire experimental data are allowed.
    • Equipment purchase allowed, but must be well justified.
    • Graduate student stipends are allowed.

2020 IRC Funding Results

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