Skyscan 1276 MicroCT

SKYSCAN 1276 MicroCT

               A Skyscan MicroCT 1276 is available at the MRISC (Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy Center - in the basement of the Whitney-Hendrickson building. Usage training and a calendar reservation system are available. The 7T small animal MRI, a behavioral testing room, a necropsy room, and DLAR facilities are nearby.



               Above are three sample images from this system (lung, contrast agent, knee). This state-of-the-art Bruker system allows for 2.8 um highest nominal spatial resolution, 8000x8000 pixels in every reconstructed slice with more than 1600 slices in a single scan, circular and spiral scanning, reduced dosage with spatial beam sharpening, and integrated physiological monitoring.


The image to the left is from UK’s own Ramkumar T. Annamalai acquired on a similar system from his paper “Injectable osteogenic microtissues containing mesenchymal stromal cells conformally fill and repair critical-size defects” studying the repair of complex fractures with bone loss requiring a space-filling intervention to promote regeneration of bone.

Contact David K Powell, PhD ( for information about the Skyscan MicroCT.