Updating a Staff Member's Position Description

Updating a Staff Member's Position Description

This outlines the process to revise an employee's position description. The Major Job Responsibilities (MJRs) will be adjusted slightly, but should not result in a title or grade change.

1. Review the Position Description & Submit to the Budget Officer.

In IES, the Supervisor or Position Coordinator will complete an Update, No Post action and make any necessary modifications to the MJRs. If this is completed by the Supervisor, s/he will submit it to the Position Coordinator. The Position Coordinator will submit to the Research Human Resources Director (Budget Officer role in IES).

2. Budget Office Review

The Human Resources team in the Research Administrative & Fiscal Affairs office will review the position description and submit to Compensation.

3. Compensation Review

The Compensation office will review & approve the changes to the position description. 

4. Employee Notification

You will receive an auto-generated email stating the revision to the position description has been approved. Please be sure to provide the employee with a copy of the updated position description.