Human Resources Managers

Integrated Employment System (IES)

  • IES User Roles
    UK's Integrated Employment System (IES) is where all regular staff positions are maintained. You will use different IES roles to maintain Major Job Responsibilities (MJRs) for regular staff positions, create new staff positions, submit vacant positions for posting, etc.
  • Filling a Staff Vacancy
    This outlines the process to post and fill a position when an employee resigns or when you have a vacant position to fill. The Major Job Responsibilities (MJRs) may be adjusted slightly, but will not result in a title or grade change.
  • Creating a New Regular Staff Position
    This outlines the process to create a new regular staff position. For the Research area, all requests for new positions that are funded by non-grant funds require a justification letter be included.
  • Promoting a Current Staff Member (Re-Evaluation)
    These are the steps you will need to take to promote a current UK Employee. The position description and Major Job Responsibilities (MJRs) will change and result in a higher salary grade and a new title.
  • Updating a Staff Member's Position Description
    This outlines the process to revise an employee's position description. The Major Job Responsibilities (MJRs) will be adjusted slightly, but should not result in a title or grade change.

Onboarding New Employees

  • I-9
    This is a federal form that establishes both identity and employment eligibility. This link will give you a list of employees that are required to complete an I-9, documents that are required for the process, and directions on where to complete the I-9.
  • SAP Hiring Action
    Completing an SAP Action will place your new employee into SAP or move a current UK employee to a new assignment in your department.
  • New Employee Orientation
    All employees who are new to the University or who are transitioning to a regular position from a STEPS/Temporary position are required to attend a New Employee Orientation. It is highly recommended that new employees attend NEO on their first day on the job. This session will give them information about benefits, University policies, and an overview of campus. This link will allow you to see the NEO schedule & enroll your new employee.
  • Computer Access Form
    If your department is serviced by Research Information Services (RIS), you will need to complete this form to have his/her computer setup completed. The employee will need to be entered into SAP prior to completing this form.
  • SAP Training Plan
    If your new employee is going to use SAP to perform their duties, you will need to complete an SAP Training Plan. This will determine the roles they are given in SAP and outline the SAP training classes that will need to be completed.
  • WildCard ID Badge
    Faculty/Staff Identification cards are available for $15 for a new card. This card is required in order to set up your payroll direct deposit. It also affords you local discounts, use of all University libraries, & for some newer buildings, it is your key. For Research Administration units, the first Wildcard ID card is purchased by the department. Please contact Toni Smith if you are not sure which cost center to use on the application. The employee is responsible for replacing lost IDs.
  • Payroll Direct Deposit
    Direct deposit is required for all UK employees. New employees will set up their direct deposit banking information on the Employee Self Service tab in myUK. This link provides information about direct deposit, instructions on viewing payroll documentation, & step by step instructions to set up direct deposit. Current employees do not need to re-enroll in direct deposit unless their banking information has changed.
  • Tax Witholding Forms
    W4 and K4 tax witholding forms are completed in myUK using the Employee Self Service tab. This link provides step by step instructions for completing these tax forms.
  • Long Distance Calling Access (pdf, 2pgs)
    If your employee will need the ability to make long distance calls, you will need to update their SAP record using PA30. You can choose domestic or international access or both.
  • 90 Day Orientation Period
    The University recognizes the need for orientation periods, during which the University and the employee jointly assess the regular staff employee’s performance. This link takes you to the HR policy, provides details for New Regular Staff Orientation and Transferred Staff Employee Orientation, and has the End of Orientation form to be completed at the end of the 90 calendar days.
  • End of Orientation Form (pdf)
    A period of orientation shall be required of each new and transferred regular staff employee beginning the first day of employment and continuing for 90 calendar days. At the conclusion of the 90 days, an End of Orientation form needs to be completed.

Cost Distribution

  • Cost Distribution Overview
    This presentation provides an overview of how budget and salary distributions are determined. It discusses Master Cost Centers, Position Cost Distributions (1018), and Employee Cost Distributions (0027) and how they are related.

Human Resources Transactions

  • Position Details - PP01 (SAP)
    The Position Details transaction in SAP allows you to see all positions in your department and view the details for each position individually.
    • How to Find the Supervisor for a Position Supervisors are assigned to positions, not to individual employees. To find out who someone's supervisor is, you'll need to look the employee's position up in PP01 and see which position number is assigned as the supervisor.
    • How to Change the Supervisor for a Position if the supervisor is in your department.  All requests for supervisor changes should be submitted via IES. If there is an urgent need for a supervisor change and you cannot wait for it to go through IES, you can change it using PP01. Be sure once you've made the change via PP01 to also submit it in IES so that the two records (IES and PP01) match. 
    • How to Change the Supervisor for a Position if the supervisor is NOT in your department. All requests for supervisor changes when the supervisor is not in your department have to be submitted through the Enterprise Services catalog in SAP. If there is an immediate need to change the supervisor and the supervisor is not in your department, please contact Toni Smith.
    • How to Change the Master Cost Center for a Position - the Master Cost Center determines where the annual IT Fees will charge for a position. Also, if a Position 1018 and/or an 0027 Cost Distribution are not entered, the Master Cost Center will determine where salary and benefits charge for anyone hired into the position. For a full overview of how the Master Cost Center, the Position Cost Distribution 1018, and the Employee Cost Distribution 0027 interact with one another, please view Cost Distribution Overview.
  • Organizational & Staffing Display - PPOSE (SAP)
    The PPOSE transaction in SAP allows you to see all positions in a department and easily view current and past position holders.
  • Employee Master Data Display - PA20 (SAP)
    This SAP transaction allows the user to view employee master data. It allows viewing based on the departments assigned in the user's SAP Training Plan and does not allow changes to be made.
  • Maintain Employee Master Data - PA30 (SAP)
    The PA30 transaction in SAP allows the user to enter updates to employee master data such as cost distributions, address changes, and long distance access. Access is based on the departments listed on the user's SAP training plan.
  • Hiring Actions - PA40 (SAP)
    PA40 is the SAP transaction used to hire, separate, and add additional assignments for employees.
    • Hiring a New University Employee
    • Hiring a Transfer Employee
    • Entering an Existing Employee in an Additional Assignment
    • Separating an Employee from the University - when an employee leaves your department and the university, a separation must be entered to end their assignment and stop future payroll payments and benefits. If an employee leaves your department for another UK department, you will not enter a separation. The hiring action by the new department will the assignment with your department.
    • Ending an Additional Assignment
    • Updating Information for an Employee in the Same Position Number
    • Changing the Base Pay of an Employee
    • Hiring a Student Employee - Student's Original Employment Assignment This action is used when you are hiring a student employee and the student has no other employment assignments on campus. The student will need to apply for a student job posting and complete an I-9 form before starting work.
    • Hiring a Student Employee - Additional Assignment This action is used when you are hiring a student employee and the student already has another employment assignment on campus. The employee should apply for a student job posting prior to starting work, but an I-9 form is not needed.
  • Cost Distribution for Employee (0027)
    Entering a Cost Distribution on the 0027 screen for an employee will direct their salary & benefits (all or a portion) to an account (or accounts) other than the Master Cost Center listed for their position number. This is considered a temporary change based on the employee and not a permanent change to the position.
  • Cost Distribution for Position (1018)
    The Cost Distribution must be defined for all positions. This determines where salary and benefits will be charged for any employee hired into this position.

Time Management Transactions

  • Working Time Details
    • Display Working Time Entries (CATS_DA) - This SAP transaction will show you details for working time entries such as when the entry was made, who approved the entry, and when the entry was approved.
    • Enter Working Times (CAT2) - If an employee is unable to make working time entries, the HR Manager can make the necessary entries using this SAP transaction.
    • Working Time Approval (CATS_APPR_LITE) - If a supervisor is unable to approve working time entries, the HR Manager can approve them using this SAP transaction. 
    • Transfer of Working Time (ZCAT6) - This SAP transaction must be used in conjunction with the entry & approval items completed by the HR Manager using the transactions CAT2 and CATS_APPR_LITE.
  • Leave Request Details, Entry, & Approval
    • Display Leave Requests (ZHR_DISPLAYLEAVE) - This SAP transaction will allow the HR Manager to see the details of leave requests that have been submitted. This includes when the leave request was submitted, when it was approved, and who approved the request. 
    • Enter Leave Requests (CAT2) - If an employee is unable to enter a leave request, the HR Manager can enter it using this SAP transaction. 
    • Leave Approval (ZHR_MASS_APPROVAL) - If a supervisor is unable to approve a leave request, the HR Manager can approve it using this SAP transaction. This can only be used if the supervisor is a Research area employee. 
  • Payroll Verification Transactions
    • Payroll Remuneration Statements (PC00_M10_CEDT) - This transaction allows you to see an employee's pay statement. This should be used to verify accuracy of paychecks by running after the Preliminary, Trial, and Final payroll runs each biweekly & monthly pay period. The Payroll Schedule identifies when these payroll runs will occur.
    • Easy Reporter (/SPIN/ER) - SPIN/ER is a reporting tool inside SAP. There are several reports that can be used to verify the accuracy of paychecks each pay period.
  • Leave Balance Details
    • Time Reporting (Z_TIMERPT) - This SAP transaction updates after each payroll run and lists the available vacation, TDL, and holiday balances for employees. It also provides a list of leave entries that have been approved. 
    • Quota Overview (PT50) - This SAP transaction allows you to see details about leave quota earnings, use, and balance. This includes the amount of leave earned each payroll period & when the earnings post to the balance.