Research Business Officers

Budget Process

  • Budget Process
    Each year beginning in January, Research Administrative & Fiscal Affairs (RAFA) works with the University Budget Office (UBO) to create the operating budget for Vice President for Research area for the fiscal year beginning the following July. This page walks you through the steps of the annual budget process & identifies the responsibilities of RAFA and of the Research units.

Financial Reporting

  • Budget Expense Estimate (BW)
    The Budget Expense Estimate can be found in Business Warehouse (BW) and returns current and prior fiscal year budget information (original, recurring, & non-recurring) for cost centers in your department, including position budgets.
  • Available Budget - GR55 (SAP)
    The GR55 transaction in SAP provides to the minute information about the budget and expenditures for a cost center. Information is provided at the commitment item level.
  • Budget Transfer Listing - FMEDDW (SAP)
    This SAP transaction provides a listing of all budget transfers for a cost center. It includes funds received & sent and recurring & non-recurring funds.
  • Create Budget Transfer - FMBB (SAP)
    This SAP transaction allows you to create a budget transfer.
  • Display Budget Transfer - FMEDD (SAP)
    This SAP transaction allows you to view the details of a budget transfer.
  • Cost Centers: Actual Line Items - KSB1 (SAP)
    The KSB1 transaction in SAP provides you with a list of all posted transactions for a cost center. You can drill into each item to view the original SAP transaction.


Equipment Maintenance Program

  • Equipment Maintenance Program
    The Office of the Vice President for Research coordinates the Research Equipment Managed Maintenance Program. This program’s objective is to provide maintenance of critical research equipment throughout the university at a reasonable cost. Currently, the office of the Vice President for Research has funds to offset the costs of maintaining shared equipment, but any piece of equipment can be added to the program for cost-effective maintenance.

Records Retention

  • Records Retention
    The Commonwealth of Kentucky mandates by statute that all public records be retained or disposed of according to state guidelines. This page provides information on common financial and human resources files and a link to the full records retention policy.

University Alcohol Policy

  • University Alcohol Policy (pdf, 8pgs)
    This regulation establishes the University's policies and procedures for using, serving, and selling alcoholic beverages on property owned, leased, or controlled by the University, and at University events. Please refer to this Administrative Regulation to ensure your event meets the requirements set forth by the University.

Year End Closing

  • Year End Closing
    The fiscal year end closing process ensures that financial transactions are recorded in the appropriate fiscal year. University Financial Services identifies cutoff dates for financial transactions and publishes the year end closing calendar. Cutoff dates begin as early as April.