Policies and Procedures


Expectations for Response

CGS staff will respond to any request submitted within 24 hours, with the understanding that when an investigator/researcher and staff member are actively working on a request, communication will be more frequent. In the event that your CGS staff member is out of the office on a planned or unplanned absence, their designated back-up staff member will address your request. For planned absences, staff members will be required to notify the leads of those whom they serve of the staff member who will be designated to respond while they are not working. For unplanned absences, staff members will be required to leave contact information for their back-up via their out-of-office message in Outlook.  

Escalation Procedures: Failure to Meet Performance Expectations

In the event that CGS fails to meet the expectations outlined in this document, investigators and/or unit leadership can take the following steps:

  1. Communicate the problem directly to your designated CGS staff member. Communication is key to the success of the partnership between units and CGS. If a problem arises, the first step is to identify it specifically and discuss possible resolutions with your CGS staff member. Depending on the need, you may do this in a meeting in your office, phone call, or email to your units designated staff member.

  2. If discussions with your CGS staff member fail to resolve the problem or if the issues become pervasive, contact the appropriate CGS Team Lead (the individual’s direct supervisor). If you do not know to whom your staff member reports to, refer to the staff organizational chart on the CGS page, or contact any of the CGS Team Leads.

  3. If discussions with the appropriate Team Lead fail to resolve the problem, please contact the appropriate CGS Manager to discuss the problem and identify a resolution.

  4. If a resolution is not obtained through the approach above, contact the appropriate CGS Assistant Directors.

  5. If discussions with the appropriate Assistant Director fail to resolve the problem, please contact the CGS Executive Director to discuss the problem and identify a resolution.

Requests out of Scope

CGS is committed to maintaining a professional, respectful, and ethical working relationship with the units served. While our services are designed to fulfill the specific scope of work as defined in this Service Level Agreement (SLA), there may be instances where stakeholders make requests that fall outside the defined services of CGS.

Upon identifying an inappropriate request, the CGS leadership shall promptly notify the individual who made the request of its inappropriateness and provide reasons for not completed requested service. CGS will make reasonable efforts to work with our stakeholders to modify or adjust the request to align with the services offered, if possible.