Collaboratives Grant Services will perform the outlined high-level responsibilities detailed below. A more detailed look at responsibilities across research at UK and a detailed service catalog can be found in here.

Pre-Award Activities

Pre-Award Activities
Assist in the pre-proposal or LOI process for sponsors that require pre-application submission prior to full proposal
Prepare monthly list of upcoming proposals to OSPA
Provide checklist of sponsor requirements based on guidelines for proposal submission
Create timeline to keep faculty member on track for sponsor deadline
Complete and aid in the development of the administrative components of a proposal, including F&A waivers, cost share approvals, and off-campus determinations
Develop budget and budget justification for proposal with guidance from the PI and collaborate with other administrators to obtain salary and other required costing information
Coordinate with any subrecipients to develop and obtain budgetary and administrative documents
Compile all required documents and ensure compliance with institutional and sponsor-specific policies
Ensure a review of the final proposal prior to submission based on institutional policies and procedures
Prepare IAF, including tracking the routing of it and following up to facilitate its completion
Coordinate/arrange for prior approvals of ADR and others as needed when internal deadlines are missed for proposal being submitted to OSPA and IAF not being fully routed before proposal submission
Serve as the primary liaison between PIs and OSPA, ensure timeliness of submission, and communicate deadlines
Aid in the collection, preparation, and dissemination of Current & Pending documentation for sponsors
Advise Investigators of requirements for JIT or other post-submission materials and assist in preparation of response
Ensure a review of the final JIT or post-submission material response prior to submission to OSPA based on institutional pre-award procedures


Post Award Activities

Post-Award Activities
Support OSPA and RFS with the award set up process through communication and providing updated documentation as needed (including awarded budget updates, setup in college-specific system, etc.)
Review the established award in the financial system for accuracy and submit requests to OSPA and RFS, as needed
Facilitate the communication of award terms and conditions, status of award review, and other relevant updates to PIs
Request outgoing subaward agreement from OSPA and submit all required documentation for review
Advise PIs and RFS of cost share commitments and potential risks
Monitor and track cost share commitments through the life of the award to ensure commitments are met and expenses documented and communicated to RFS for reporting
Develop and submit payroll cost transfer requests and documentation through collaboration with BOs and Pis; advise accordingly, discussing reasons for rejections and best practices going forward
Develop and submit non-payroll cost transfer requests and documentation through collaboration with BOs and Pis
Ensure cost transfers have been correctly processed and follow up with RFS as needed
Create and delete non-system generated encumbrances as needed to ensure accurate spend forecasting
Conduct review of purchases as a part of monthly reconciliation to ensure expenses are allowable/allocable
Monitor active subcontracts to ensure programmatic progress and compliance
Review subcontract invoices for accuracy and address questions regarding payment
Ensure appropriate documentation is maintained to demonstrate compliance with guidelines related to expenditures
Coordinate and submit requests to OSPA and RFS for project changes, prior approvals, revisions etc.
Serve as liaison between PIs, OSPA and RFS to ensure timeliness of submission for relevant post-award documentation
Monitor budgets and expenses and advise PIs accordingly (e.g., burn rate, budget/expense forecasting, etc.)
Prepare monthly forecast sheets that summarize a faculty member’s financial position and track spending per account
Provide and/or elevate requests to IRADS or VPR to develop other research administration reports as needed to suit Investigator and unit needs
Prepare/submit required equipment and small business subcontracting reports
Review grant financials by applicable RFS deadlines to ensure accurate and timely submission of sponsor-required financial reports
Provide required documentation needed for invoicing or reporting to RFS as required by award/sponsor
Discuss potential for carryforward requests and/or deficits with the PI and coordinate the closeout process with OSPA and RFS
Communicate payroll confirmation policies to PIs/research staff, and partner with PIs to distribute/track the process
Coordinate with Investigators, College, and OSPA to collect and disseminate leave of absence information and manage any changes to active projects and pending awards including open subaward invoice approvals and impacted payroll confirmation periods


A detailed Service Catalog, RACI (responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed) matrix, metrics and portfolio assignment information can be found here.