What's Happening Now

Project GATeWAY is currently:

  • Interviewing candidates for supervisory positions
  • Receiving job applications for open Collaboratives positions

 Open Collaboratives Staff Positions 

  • Reviewing and finalizing SOPs and training for those affected by the transition to the Collaboratives
  • Determining career paths for the Collaboratives organization

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Lunch and Learn from October 4

The Project Team is here to support you throughout this process. Please visit our Office Hours or submit a question by email.

Project Background

Project GATeWAY Background

Phase 2 of Project GATeWAY focuses on the development and implementation of three strategic opportunities - Structure, Collaboratives, and Technology - each of which directly align with UK's strategic plan.


You can find more details on each of these opportunities here and current updates on each of the opportunities below.



Collaboratives Organization Updates

The draft Collaborative Grant Services Organizational Model has been published (see image and pdf link). The services to be offered by the Collaboratives, as well as roles and responsibilities for the organization, have also been published in the Collaboratives Service Catalog and RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) Matrix (see pdf link below).


Collaboratives Service Catalog and RACI Matrix (pdf, 7 pgs)


The Collaboratives will be launched using a phased-in approach. The below image provides information on which  hub units will reside in and with which phase the unit will transition.



Hiring and Staff Transitions

Project GATeWAY is currently hiring for positions in the new Collaboratives organization. We are no longer accepting applications for leadership positions. Applications for those positions are currently under review, and interviews are in progress. Candidates can expect to hear updates directly from UKY HR. Regular staff positions are still accepting applications, and positions will remain opened until filled. You can find open positions here. 

Staff currently employed by UK will still need to complete a formal HR application for a Collaboratives position.  Please use the image below for guidance on the application process. 


While all staff who are transitioning can submit an application now, regardless of their go-live phase noted above, those in Phase 1 (College of Engineering, College of Medicine receiving full SRAS GPS/GMS support, and Centers and Institutes reporting to the VPR) should apply now. 


Project Details

Project Phases

Design Phase (February - June)

As a part of the Design Phase, the Deloitte team will work through transforming the current state into an optimized future state by analyzing business processes and redesigning organizational structures for efficiency.

  • Outcomes:
    • Business Process Redesign
    • Organizational Design
    • Governance Framework(s)

Build & Test Phase (July - September)

As a part of the Build and Test phase, the Deloitte team will work to design an optimal Collaborative organizational structure, staffing the organization, and developing training for workforce and organizational efficiencies. 

  • Outcomes:
    • Build and Implement Governance
    • Develop Operating Policies and Procedures
    • Knowledge Base Complete with Knowledge Articles

Implement Phase (October - February)

As a part of the Implement phase, the Deloitte team will Go-Live with the Collaborative organization in three different waves. The Deloitte team will support stabilization and incorporate lessons learned based on prior go-lives.

  • Outcomes:
    • Training
    • Assess Readiness
    • Launch

Monthly Calendar

Calendars are published at the beginning of the month and are subject to change as new meetings are added throughout the month.


90 Day Lookahead: September - November

Project GATeWAY is currently wrapping up the Design Phase of the project, working through transforming the current state into an optimized future state, and entering into the Build and Test Phase. Key activities include:

  •  Business Process Redesign
    • Share finalized future state business processes
    • Begin transitioning from legacy to new business processes
  • Collaboratives Future State Model 
    • Work with project Sponsors and Steering Committee to finalize decision on funding model for Collaboratives​

    • Continue to define and establish performance metrics to baseline current state and set targets for SLAs

  • Organizational Redesign
    • Continue to receive applications for Collaboratives job positions and fill positions

    • Finalize standard operational policies and procedures for Collaboratives ​and publish operational manual

    • Transition Phase 1 Go-Live staff to the Collaboratives (College of Engineering, Centers & Institutes reporting to VPR, and College of Medicine units receiving full SRAS GPS and GMS support)

  • Technology Blueprint
    • Present enhanced technology roadmap identifying long-term needs and opportunities for automation

    • Coordinate with Technology working group design and build interim technology solutions to help standup Collaboratives organization​

  • Training and Customer Readiness
    • Continue developing training curriculum and materials
    • Train-the-trainer and begin training faculty and staff on new business processes and procedures. 

Find the past 90-day lookaheads below:

March to May 2023

June to August 2023


You can find the governance for Phase 2, along with working group members, here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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