Continuation Review (CR)/Annual Administrative Review (AAR)

University of Kentucky policy dictates that previously approved non-exempt research protocols must be re-reviewed by the respective IRB at least once a year. 


  • Continuation Review Report (SAMPLE) [F14.0000] [PDF]
  • Annual Administrative Review Report (SAMPLE) [PDF]

Please note, the SAMPLE CR or AAR report does not contain protocol specific data and you should not complete and submit this form to meet the requirements for Continuation Review or Annual Administrative Review. 


  • Continuation/Annual Administrative Review SOP [C2.0250] [PDF]


To initiate a Continuation Review (CR)/Annual Administrative Review (AAR), or Final Review (FR) for closure, find your application under the Approved folder.  Open your application by clicking on the IRB # and select the "Continuation Review (CR) or Study Closure" menu option under the “Create” bar.  Then follow the prompts for completing the CR/AAR/Closure.  If you (or someone else on your research team) have already performed this step, but not submitted yet, you will find the incomplete CR/AAR/FR in your Draft folder.


Expedited Continuation Review, both Medical and Nonmedical, call (859) 257-9428 to be forwarded to the appropriate ORI staff. 

Full Continuation Review, refer to contacts listed below: