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Helene Lake-Bullock

Director/Research Compliance Officer

Pam Stafford

Associate Director/QA/QI Program

Suzanne Arnold

Medical IRB #6 Full Review/RDRC

Sam Bell

Medical IRB #1 Full Review

Joe Brown

Research Privacy Specialist (HIPAA)/Exempt Review/IRB Reliance Manager

Jeeyoung Chun

Education Instructional Designer

Elisa Crill

Nonmedical IRB #4 Full & Expedited Review

Katie Gieske

Nonmedical IRB #4 Full & Expedited Review

Gregory Hatton

IRB Reliance

Joanne Hines

Medical IRB #2 Expedited Review

Erin Hoff

QA/QI Program (Lead/Internal)/Research Education Support

Matthew Howell

IRB Reliance/QA/QI Program/Research Education Support

Jennifer Kearns

Medical IRB #1 & #2 Support

Susan Keefer

Nonmedical IRB #4 Support/Research Education Support

Judi Kuhl

E-IRB System Administrator

Karen Larson

Medical IRB #3 Expedited Review

Jill Marion

Medical IRB #1 Expedited Review

Paul Martin

Medical IRB #2 Full Review

Emily Matuszak

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR), QA/QI

Olga Moskalyuk

Medical IRB #3 & #6 Support

Desiree Penn

Assistant to Director/IRB Support/Research Education

Beverly Raisor

Medical IRB #3 Full Review

Lindsay Schneider

Medical Exempt Review

Belinda Smith

Research Education Specialist/FDA-Regulated Research

Jenny Smith

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Education/UK LabArchives Team/Research Privacy Concerns

Kimberly Williams

Nonmedical Exempt Review