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New to the UK Institutional Review Board (IRB) process? [PDF] [HTML Interactive Tool]

UK IRB: Getting Started [YouTube Video]

What Needs IRB Review?

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IRB Review Types


  • UK's web-based IRB application submission and review system

Human Research Forms

Informed Consent/Assent

Medical IRB Submission Prep Checklist [D152.0100][PDF]

Non-Medical IRB Submission Prep Checklist [D152.0000] [PDF]

Institutional Review Board (IRB) FAQs

  • Introduction to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) Process [HTML Video]
  • What Needs IRB Review? [HTML Video]
  • IRB Review: Recruitment and Advertising Fast-Pass Video [YouTube]
  • UK ORI Interactive FDA Flow Chart: Medical Device Trials [HTML]
  • UK ORI Interactive FDA Flow Chart: Drugs/Biologics Trials [HTML]

Human Subject Protection (HSP) Training FAQs (for study personnel)

IRB Meeting Dates

  • Medical (2021) [PDF]
  • Medical (2022) [PDF]
  • Nonmedical (August 2021-August 2022) [PDF]

Sample Application and Protocol Development Resources

Other Human Research Review Committees

UK ORI Dictionary of IRB and Human Research Terms [PDF]

Common Acronyms [PDF]

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