Single IRB Reliance

Reliance Networks

UK is a member of the following IRB Reliance Networks:


IREx (IRB Reliance Exchange)


Submit a Reliance Request

If your research involves collaboration with any sites and/or personnel outside the University of Kentucky, then it is considered multisite research and IRB reliance issues will need to be addressed. This may include national multi-center trials as well local studies involving sites/personnel external to UK. If you would like to request that the University of Kentucky IRB (UK IRB) serve as the lead IRB for your study, or if you would like the UK IRB to defer review to another IRB, please complete the forms below and submit them to

  • IRB Reliance Request/Registration Form [PDF]
  • General Information Sheet for Reliance [WORD]

General inquiries/questions about IRB reliance and the University of Kentucky’s policies and procedures may also be submitted to:


  • Communication Plan Form [PDF]
  • SAMPLE Individual Investigator Agreement [PDF]
  • SAMPLE IRB Authorization Agreement [PDF]