All full and expedited IRB studies previously approved external to E-IRB will need to be imported and completed in E-IRB at Continuation Review time

New Exempt, Expedited and Full Review Applications (Medical and Nonmedical IRB) must be submitted via E-IRB. 

You are NOT required to submit a paper copy when submitting through the E-IRB system.

Please peruse this web page for more info and/or visit the Video Tutorial Library (link below) for "how-to" E-IRB guidance.

Temporary Freeze on New (Initial Review) IRB Applications Ends

The temporary freeze on new initial review IRB applications has been lifted. If you submitted a new protocol after the accepted deadlines in December and had it returned to you, you are now able to re-submit the protocol in E-IRB. Be sure to go through the application and make sure all sections have a blue check mark next to them rather than a pencil. A blue check mark indicates the section is complete while a pencil icon signifies that additional information/verification is required. If any sections in the application have a pencil icon next to them (e.g., Informed Consent, Research Description), be sure to provide any missing information and then verify and save the data in those sections before re-submitting your application to the ORI.

For existing protocols approved external to E-IRB (and not established in E-IRB yet): 

Modifications, Other Reviews (Unanticipated Problem, Protocol Violation, Deviation/Exception), and Final Reviews for study closure will still be submitted electronically in PDF format to IRBSubmission@uky.edu

Applications due for continuation review require import into the E-IRB system.  An application can only be imported ONCE.  Note there are two reasons why you may not see an application listed for import:

  1. The application was not imported prior to the "Terminated Due to Non-Response" notice for Continuation Review was issued, or it was closed by other means (e.g., Final Review).  If this is the scenario, and you need IRB approval to continue, contact ORI to determine whether your application is eligible to be re-instated for an import (859-257-9428).
  2. If scenario #1 above does not apply, the application has already been imported and the researcher who performed the import has not yet added you to the application as PI, or study personnel with edit authorization.  Please communicate with other members of your research team to determine who has already imported the application, and to get yourself added to the application in the appropriate role.

For more information and forms, go to the side bar menu on the right and expand the "Existing Protocols - Approved External to E-IRB" listing to select the applicable type of submission.


Video Tutorials / Online Training Schedule

Video Tutorials for Researchers - to aid in the navigation and use of the E-IRB system

Log in to the private E-IRB Video Library using your Link Blue ID and password to see video tutorials on how to:​​​​​​

  • Create a new application
  • Import an application at Continuation Review time (for studies previously approved external to E-IRB)
  • Change Principal Investigator
  • Complete the assurance statement as a Department Authorization or signee
  • Manage attachments
  • Add Non-UK Personnel
  • and more!

Video Tutorials for IRB Members

Log in to the private E-IRB Video Library using your Link Blue ID and password to see video tutorials on how to:​​​​​​

  • E-IRB Basics
  • Serving as a Primary Reviewer
  • Serving as a Required or Other Reviewer

Online Live Training Schedule