IRB Application Instructions - Advertisements


If any materials will be used to recruit subjects for your research study, attach copies of the materials to be used (e.g., flyers, videos, radio scripts, sponsor’s national advertising materials, etc.) in the Research Description section of your E-IRB application using the Attachments button under the Advertising question.

Advertisements must be reviewed and approved by the IRB prior to use. 

For additional details, see topic "Recruitment" or "Advertising" on ORI's IRB Survival Handbook web page for the PI Guide to Identification and Recruitment of Human Subjects for Research [PDF] document. 

Generally, the IRB is not required to review clinical trial website postings unless the information goes beyond directory listings of basic descriptive information.  See topic "Clinical Trials" on the IRB Survival Handbook web page for Guidance on IRB Review of Clinical Trial Websites.  

REQUIRED - UK Public Relations (PR) Review: 
Print and media advertisements that will be presented to the public require review by UK Public Relations (PR) to ensure compliance with UK graphic standards, and equal opportunity language.   

For all health-related research, see CCTS instructions for PR Review and Stamp.

For all non-health-related research, advertisements should be sent as e-mail attachments (in PDF, Rich Text Format, or Microsoft Word DOC format) to Alicia Gregory at

Exception to PR review: Advertising material developed by an external sponsor as part of a national advertising campaign for multi-site study recruitment does not require review by UK PR. 
IRB review of these materials is still required. 

OPTIONAL - CCTS Flyer Development and Participant Recruitment Services (includes PR review):  
The Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) is available upon request to assist researchers with compliant recruitment material development, concurrent PR review, and marketing services to promote the study to the potential participants using numerous venues. This CCTS service is provided free of charge to UK investigators, but any paid advertisement or marketing must be funded by the study. 

For details regarding this service and contact information, visit the CCTS Participant Recruitment and Marketing Unit. To request assistance with ad development and promotion, check Participant Recruitment/Marketing on the CCTS Service Request Form.  

In addition, the CCTS makes their sample flyer templates available to researchers as a resource. Click here to access the CCTS’s sample flyer templates and other participant recruitment tools.