IRB Application Instructions- Assurance Statements

Signature Assurance Statement

Obtain the appropriate signatures as specified in the SIGNATURE ASSURANCE STATEMENT.  If the principal investigator is also the chairperson of the department, the vice chairperson or equivalent should review and complete the assurance statement. 

If this research is being conducted to meet University of Kentucky academic requirements, the student’s faculty advisor, in addition to the Department Chair, should complete the Signature Assurance Statement. The student’s faculty advisor is accepting a supervisory role in guiding the student in conducting regulatory compliant research and therefore must be certified in human research protection training throughout the life of the protocol.

If modifying an approved application to transfer responsibilities to a different Principal Investigator (PI) and the protocol has not yet been established in E-IRB, submit a Modification Request along with one original of the SIGNATURE ASSURANCE STATEMENT [PDF] and 2 copies to

Click for guidance/policy document:  What does the Department Chairperson’s Assurance Statement mean? [PDF]